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MEd: Curriculum and Teaching - UOTeach K–12 Licensure and Master's



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UOTeach is a graduate program that leads to a teaching license and a master’s of education degree in Curriculum and Teaching. The program offers two strands: Early Childhood/Elementary (Grades K-5) and Middle/High School (Grades 6-12). The full-time program begins once per year in summer and takes five quarters (summer term through the following summer term) to complete. It is a cohort-based program (students are taught as a community rather than as a collection of individuals) in which students take courses in a specified sequence. For concise program and application information in one place, please see our program information packet. For more in-depth details, explore the pages on this site further. Many of them include insights we share at the monthly information sessions

Why UOTeach?

  • It is the only program in the state that embeds English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) into the program, so that all students earn the ESOL endorsement along with their elementary or secondary licensure.
  • Connected to the ESOL training, UOTeach emphasizes cultural awareness and social justice – we are committed to preparing teachers who seek to take on the responsibility to reach across barriers of race, sex, gender, and class to invite children to learn. Coursework emphasizes critical thinking and teaching, and considers such questions as how students learn, how culture affects the teaching and learning process, and the role of schools in either maintaining or challenging social injustice.
  • Students experience a full academic year of field work in schools alongside their on-campus courses, providing plenty of opportunity to practice the innovative teaching skills learned in class.
  • The basics of planning, instruction and assessment are all taught in subject-matter methods courses, rather than being in generic classes - because teaching math is different than teaching social studies.
  • All courses are taught by faculty, not graduate teaching fellows, who offer both the wisdom of cutting edge research and and the wisdom of successful K-12 practice.
  • Many levels of support are built into the program providing students with a strong mentoring framework.