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Join a Monthly Information Session!

Join us at one of our information sessions to learn more about the UOTeach program, our application process, prerequisites, and teacher education scholarship opportunities. These sessions are open to anyone interested.

About the UOTeach Program

Earn a graduate degree in UOTeach and actively impact the lives and learning of youth!

UOTeach is a highly focused one-year teacher licensure program for elementary multiple subjects and middle-high school education subject areas.

Teacher candidates spend one-year with faculty, career teaching professionals, mentors, and peers developing teaching pedagogy skills and subject area instructional methods expertise in local K-12 classrooms. UOTeach is committed to training teachers to assess student needs, tap into student's learning and creativity potential, and focus on how to develop informed critical thinkers. 

Teachers play a decisive role in creating welcoming, inclusive, and safe classrooms, schools, and communities. UOTeach culturally sustaining and equitable teaching practices are strengthened in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) licensure endorsement embedded in the program of study. Completion of the program leads to an Oregon teaching license and a master of education degree in curriculum and teaching.

Become a transformative teacher and help Oregon youth grow the skills to build tomorrow.

Why UOTeach for your Teacher Licensure and Master's in Education?

UOTeach prepares teacher candidates with:

  • One academic year of hands on student teaching experience
  • Integrated approach to equity and social cultural issues in education
  • Content specific teaching methods coursework
  • Expertise in addressing educational barriers to emerging bilinguals through the English for Speakers of Other Languages (Oregon ESOL) endorsement

Completion of the program encompasses all TSPC (Elementary/Secondary 584-420-0345) and ESOL (standard 584-420-0360) licensure requirements. 

UOTeach puts equity and engagement at the center of teacher preparation.

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UOTeach Program Options

We offer two curriculum and teaching master’s options:

UOTeach Curriculum and Teaching MEd program is for people pursing their preliminary Oregon teacher licensure and a master’s degree. UOTeach is ideal for candidates who aspire to pursue careers in elementary, or middle or high school learning communities.

Option I: Elementary Multiple Subjects

The UOTeach elementary program is a one-year postbaccalaureate master’s degree program that leads to an Oregon preliminary teaching license with endorsements in elementary—multiple subjects for K-8 teaching and English as a second language (ESOL).

The UOTeach elementary program partners with the UO undergraduate program Educational Foundations to provide undergraduate Educational Foundations (EdF) majors with the opportunity to jump start their licensure program. Undergraduate EdF majors are able to attain credit for three of the UOTeach courses during their undergraduate program.

Option II: Middle and High School Subject Endorsements

This is a one-year postbaccalaureate master’s degree program that prepares teacher candidates for the following single or dual endorsement areas. 

UO undergraduates can jump start thepathway to the UOTeach middle and high school master’s degree by taking on an Educational Foundations Secondary Certificate during their undergraduate time at UO. Undergraduate EdF Secondary Certificate recipients areable to attain credit for three of the UOTeach courses during their undergraduate program.

Embedded in the study plan for all UOTeach students is the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) licensure endorsement.

UOTeach partners with the Sapsik'ʷałá Education Program to help prepare students with the knowledge and skills to serve American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) in ways that promote indigenous self-determination through education.

The UOTeach Curriculum and Teaching Program leads to:

Join a Monthly Information Session for Prospective Students

These monthly sessions are held via Zoom and open to anyone interested. Please email us at UOTeach@uoregon.edu to request the link and passcode.

Dates: May 1, June 5, July 5, August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4, January 8

Time: 4:00–5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Are you interested in learning more about the UOTeach Master's in Education at the College of Education?

The podcast staff talks to Dylan Lee about the UOTeach Curriculum and Teaching Master's of Education program in the College of Education. Dylan provides administrative support for current and prospective UOTeach graduate students, including admissions coordination, student and career services, and serving as a liaison to the grad school. In the episode he discusses UOTeach program components, the admissions process, and much more!


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Take the Next Step

Prospective students are invited to our monthly info sessions, to visit campus, and to connect with staff. Our application is open annually, September 25 through January 15. Learn more about UOTeach MEd programs and learn about teacher licensure in Oregon.

Teacher Candidate Experience

UOTeach is a four-term cohort-based program, although candidates may opt to attend part-time, extending their study plan across two years. Program cohorts start graduate coursework in June. In September, students begin 9 months of supported student teaching in local public schools.

Candidates develop close relationships with peers, faculty, practicum supervisors, and district teachers through exploring collaborative approaches to teaching and learning that serve all learners. 

Course work is sequential and corresponds to the endorsement area study plan and field placement learning gains. All aspects of the master’s and Oregon teacher licensure requirements are embedded in the program, including career planning workshops and seminars. 

University of Oregon College of Education student teachers in classroom

Student Teaching: Hands-On Experience

UOTeach is in partnership with Oregon K-12 school districts with a shared commitment to preparing Oregon teachers. Along with our partner districts we are committed to supporting the well being, learning, and creative potential of Oregon’s youth from kindergarten thru their senior year of high school. 

To do this, we place UOTeach Teacher Candidates directly in a learning community with an experienced practicing professional. You begin the year as an active observer and progressively begin to take on instructional responsibilities and teaching practice. In the student teaching experience,you will learn to assess student needs, tap into student's learning and creative potential, learn ways in which to create equitable learning opportunities for students, and focus on how to develop informed critical thinkers.

While immersed in your field experience, UOTeach provides wrap around coursework support from faculty, career teaching professionals, mentors, and peers helping you to develop teaching pedagogy skills and subject area instructional methods expertise in local K-12 classrooms.

What Our Students Are Saying... 

University of Oregon College of Education UOTeach grad student

Future Oregon Teacher, Alice Viles

Alice entered the UOTeach program ready to immerse herself in a year of hands on student teaching in Sue Terry-Vanatta’s classroom at Chavez elementary school. She spent the first half of the school year actively involved in classroom learning and becoming familiar with students and their learning needs. She was on student teaching path to take over the classroom in March when like the rest of the Oregon, she learned neither she nor her students would be returning to school after spring break.  

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Enriched Academic Experience

UOTeach: Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies

Equity and Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies: The UOTeach philosophy for teacher education is that every child deserves an excellent teacher; excellent teachers need extensive subject area preparation, extensive socio-cultural knowledge, and an equity framework for curriculum and instruction. Teachers must be prepared for their role in creating welcoming, inclusive, and safe schools and communities in order to develop the critical thinking skills of children. 

UOTeach students will experience a year long focus on anti-oppressive pedagogies including anticolonial, anti-oppressive, and abolitionist pedagogies in subject area instruction and creating supportive classroom communities. Teacher candidates have the opportunity to create an end of program project to attain an honor cord in one of these equity focused pedagogies.

Indigenous Methods

University of Oregon College of Education Sapsikwala UOTeach students

UOTeach partners with the Sapsik'ʷałá Education program to help prepare students with the knowledge and teaching skills to serve American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AI/AN) in ways that promote Indigenous self-determination through education. The Sapsik'ʷałá Program is guided by a Tribal Advisory Council with representatives from the nine federally recognized sovereign Indian nations of Oregon to deliver a pathway for indigenous people to become teachers within their communities.

The Sapsik’ʷałá Program is based on the belief that "Education Strengthens our People". As a partner to Sapsik'ʷałá, UOTeach is committed to expanding the knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivity of all UOTeach Oregon teacher candidates.

Sapsik'ʷałá Program

Advanced Subject Courses

Graduate students in the UOTeach Middle and High School endorsement pathway have the opportunity to take elective coursework within their discipline in the UO College of Arts and Sciences.


In Oregon, student teaching and all licensure requirements including your admissions, academic preparation, program of study, field placement, supervision and assessments are under the regulations and jurisdiction of the state Teaching Standards and Practices Commission. The state Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) is responsible for issuance, renewal, and oversight of Oregon teacher licenses, levels, and renewals.

Success Story

Jesus "Chuy" Narvaez Santiago, '21

Jesus "Chuy" Narvaez Santiago, '21

What are some hands-on experiences you had as a UOTeach student that you found valuable for your career?

The hands-on experience I always appreciated was being able to work with my coordinating teacher Lisa Iacovetta (Churchill H.S.) and my supervisor Sue Wilson (Lane ESD) as I student taught. 

I had all this understanding of what it meant to be a teacher, but these two amazing individuals helped me think about the things I wasn't even aware of. Thanks to UOTeach I was able to work with these two amazing individuals and improve myself as a teacher, today I still use their advice as I teach my own classrooms.

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Commitment to Radical Inclusion and Education Transformation

Students and faculty in UOTeach are committed to advancing equity and social transformation in education.

UOTeach faculty research and outreach support radical inclusion in the K-12 experience. Faculty use a critical intersectional lens toward dismantling white supremacy. We aspire to engage in teaching, research, and service that centers Tribal Sovereignty, Black Lives Matter in schools, economic justice, LGBTQ educational rights, immigrant educational rights, language preservation, anti-racism pedagogies, and access and opportunity for Oregon K-18 students to all be fully included in every classroom. The UOTeach curriculum and practicum support students in gaining insight into societal changes, conflicts, and shifts.

Over the year, teacher candidates join in the nation’s critical societal justice work toward educational equity across student populations.

We uphold these values and actions, and commit to strengthening our efforts to provide educational experiences that help eliminate both interpersonal and systemic discrimination as well as to promote our development as citizens who value and advance a democratic, just society, and pursue the common good.

Our collaborations help produce on-and off-campus outreach programs including TeachIN, TeachOUT, and Teach in Oregon.