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Research Driving Change

We are home to 14 research and outreach units. Our faculty members in these units have a reputation for conducting innovative work in school reform, assessment, school-wide discipline and behavior management, positive youth development, family interventions, special education, early intervention, and culturally responsive educational practices. These programs help children and families of all ages—from infants and toddlers to adolescents and young adults. The work they do is making a difference in Oregon, across the country, and around the world.

Our research culture is field-leading and highly influential with a long tradition of translating research into effective models, methods, and measures that improve lives.

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 Impact and Outcomes

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We are the highest-ranked academic unit at the University of Oregon, due largely to a decades-long record of national and international research and development in special education, counseling psychology, educational leadership, and school psychology. Our research culture is unique and highly influential because our faculty have a long tradition of translating research into effective models, methods, and measures that improve lives.

Our innovations have an enduring impact in Oregon and across the nation.

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Research News 

May 30, 2024

image of Havisha Khurana

Student Research Spotlight: Havisha Khurana

Learn more about Havisha Khurana, a Quantitative Research Methods in Education (QRME) student through our Student Spotlight series.

May 24, 2024

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UO prof makes computer science more inclusive and equitable

The curriculum co-developed by the COE’s Joanna Goode, PhD, Sommerville Knight Professor, is to be rolled out at all K-12 public schools in Oregon.

May 8, 2024

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Adoption study links child behavior issues with mother’s trauma

That was the case even though the children were raised by adoptive — not birth — parents

April 29, 2024

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Social connection is a key for youth suicide prevention efforts

New research by doctoral candidate Lauren Berny shows that teachers, parents and friends can make a difference by reaching out to high-risk teens.




HEDCO Institute Classroom
HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice

Strengthening connections between research and practice in K-12 education

The HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice aims to impact future generations by supporting today’s educators. Using the latest tools and methods to conduct rigorous evidence syntheses that meet the rapid decision-making needs of education leaders, the HEDCO Institute translates the findings from existing research, providing education leaders with trustworthy information to support the implementation of evidence-based practices, and promoting healthy students and schools.

Discover the HEDCO Institute

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Research and Outreach Units

Click on the titles below to learn about the research and outreach unit's current work, faculty and staff, community impact, and more.   

The BRT concentrates on student learning information systems and teacher decision-making by researching and developing basic skills and content assessments, and supporting accessibility to state accountability systems that document academic standards proficiency.
CEQP is dedicated to working with communities to better understand and support the positive development of children and families, particularly those who are underserved by education, health, and social services systems.
CHD focuses on research, training, and outreach to support individuals with disabilities, their families, and communities. Home to the University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities, our faculty and staff are particularly committed to bridging the research-to-practice gap through partnerships with schools and other community agencies. 
CPAN is designed to develop, implement and research a collective impact and public health approach to child abuse-neglect prevention.
CTL conducts research on the design, delivery, and efficacy of curriculum, instruction, and assessment as individual elements used in schools, especially in the primary, elementary, and middle school grades.
ECCares provides early intervention and early childhood special education services to children from birth to five-year-olds in Lane County who have a development delay, disability and/or sensory impairment.
EI focuses on improvement and expansion of educational, social, emotional, and therapeutic services and support for infants and young children who are at risk and disabled and their families.
ECS focuses on the development and implementation of practices that result in positive, durable, and scientifically substantiated change in the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Federal and state funded projects support research, teaching, dissemination, and technical assistance activities.
IntoCareers works directly with leaders in education and workforce across the United States to develop and centralize evidence-based resources, curriculum, and technology-supported career action plans. By engaging state leaders, intoCareers maximizes at-scale impact while ensuring that the focus remains on empowering individuals in their personal Career Action Plans.
CIS provides a seamless connection between education, workforce, career, and reskilling. CIS assists state agencies, schools, community organizations, and private businesses to remove barriers to career planning, provide comprehensive information about opportunities, tools that teach career self-management skills, and information specific to Oregon’s labor and education markets.
Secondary Special Education and Transition
SSET conducts research and outreach activities to develop and implement research-based transition services that assist transition-age youth in developing knowledge and skills to fulfill their desired adult roles, including meaningful employment, completion of postsecondary education or training programs, and living independently in the community.
Oregon Education Science Laboratory
OESL conducts research on teaching and learning in STEM+C education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and computing) with an emphasis on creating and studying learning environments that foster equity and inclusion for historically underrepresented groups.
PSI is a multidisciplinary institute focused on understanding human development, preventing behavioral health problems, and implementing effective interventions in community settings.