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Our Faculty and Staff

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Academic excellence at the College of Education begins with our internationally renowned faculty. As award-winning scholars, professionals, and innovators in research, outreach, education, and more, they are just as likely to publish in The New York Times as the The Oregonian. In the classroom, they are passionate teachers who inform and inspire. Out in the field, they are dedicated mentors who help students build real-world skills and strong professional networks.

Research Driving Change

We are the highest-ranked academic unit at the University of Oregon, due largely to a decades-long record of national and international research and development in special education, counseling psychology, educational leadership, and school psychology. Our research culture is unique and highly influential because our faculty have a long tradition of translating research into effective models, methods, and measures that improve lives. Our innovations have an enduring impact in Oregon and across the nation.

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Faculty Books

Books from our faculty reflect the extent of expertise and interest within their departments and programs. As a college in a research university, our faculty’s variety of interests connect research to teaching and teaching to learning.


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Faculty and Staff Support Students to Graduation and Beyond

Our students are smart, creative, and increasingly diverse. Our faculty and staff support and celebrate their successes. With over 26,321 College of Education alumni to date, we work hard to provide inspiring educational opportunities in the classroom and beyond.

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Meet Wendy Hadley, Julie and Keith Thomson Faculty Chair and HEDCO Clinic Director

Wendy Hadley, PhD is an academic expert in adolescent risk behaviors, the prevention of substance use and sexual risk behaviors, and adolescent weight management. At the University of Oregon, she is HEDCO Clinic Director and an associate professor of counseling psychology. Dr. Hadley is currently pursuing research in intervening on adolescent risk behaviors via family and individual factors. The majority of her work has focused on the development and testing of interventions targeting parent-adolescent communication, parental monitoring, and adolescent emotion regulation skills. In the past five years, she has begun to explore the use of technology (virtual reality and web-based media) in delivering and enhancing these interventions. She completed a pilot trial examining the impact of a developed adolescent emotion regulation program targeting weight reduction in a sample of adolescents with overweight and obesity and recently obtained funding to examine this intervention among 200 adolescents with obesity over a period of 18 months. She is also interested in better understanding biological indicators of emotion regulation in adolescents and is Principal investigator of a study examining the potential of respiratory sinus arrythmia as a predictor of adolescent substance use behaviors. Future research projects will continue to examine virtual reality as a tool to enhance the development of adolescent emotion regulation skills in risk situations and dissemination of efficacious parenting interventions via web-based programming.                      *University of Oregon, Oregon Experts


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Products with a Purpose

The College of Education HEDCO Building is the anchor innovation hub among the six buildings that house the majority of our classrooms, research and outreach units, clinics, and faculty labs. Driving change by developing highly scalable products and services has always been part of the distinctive culture of our college. In fact, the research and development work of our faculty has created an “EduTech” industry in Eugene and Lane County. Our research and development has always been inspired by our desire to effect evidence-based change that redresses disparities in education and health – “products with purpose.” This work is now focused on addressing racism and bias. 

Career Trek engages students in highly interactive, developmentally-appropriate, and gamified career exploration

Designed specifically for elementary school, CareerTrek scaffolds vocabulary and activities to introduce and reinforce key, evidence-based career development concepts.

CareerTrek is developed by IntoCareers, an outreach unit at the College of Education.


KinderTEK® iPad math, KinderTEK Pro Connected, KinderTEKOffline

KinderTEK™ was developed by the Center on Teaching and Learning in collaboration with Concentric Sky, Inc with funding from the Department of Education. Used by approximately 5,000 elementary students and over 200 teachers in almost 100 schools in 50 districts. In 2020, KinderTEK Pro Connected and iPads were made freely available to 180 Head Start families to foster math learning and communication.


MOCCA: Multiple-choice Online Cloze Comprehension Assessment

The Multiple-choice Online Cloze Comprehension Assessment (MOCCA) is a paper-and-pencil assessment to diagnose specific types of poor comprehension in third through fifth grade students. MOCCA development is being led by four universities — the UO, University of Minnesota, Georgia State University and Chico State University — all will be working with Emberex to improve access to and use of the assessment tool.

ORSN Micro-PD's: Oregon Research Schools Network partners with educators and school districts to improve school climate and preK-12 academic outcomes in Oregon

ORSN has grown exponentially over the last three years. Its reach continues to grow yearly in rural and urban districts across the state. Currently, they are working with three Educational Service Districts (ESDs) serving 9 counties and 46 school districts, that educate 74,559 Oregon students.

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Every day we reach beyond our walls into schools and communities across the nation and the world, helping all children get ready to learn, helping adolescents succeed, supporting healthy families, and creating systems for effective teaching and learning.

Our faculty and staff members are committed to the academic and professional success of every student. Learn from world-renowned educators as they share their knowledge and expertise. 

Build a relationship with people that will inspire and motivate you through your college of education journey.