Faculty Awards

Outstanding Research Awards 2021

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation recipients of the 2021 Outstanding Research Awards. The awards recognize and celebrate achievements in research and scholarship and highlight notable research activities taking place at the University of Oregon.

Leslie Leve, Professor Career Award Recipient, Leslie Leve, Professor, Associate Director Prevention Science Institute

Leslie Leve has had an illustrious career and it’s far from over. A highly productive researcher and administrative leader, she has played a major role in shaping the field of prevention science and is among the top sponsored researchers on campus with more than $30 million in current funding.  “She is an extraordinary scientist and accomplished faculty member who is an inspiration to those around her.” —Laura Lee McIntyre, Professor and Department Head, Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences / Director, Prevention Science Institute  

Ilana Umansky, Assistant Professor Impact Award Recipient, Ilana Umansky, Associate Professor Educational Methodology, Policy and Leadership

Ilana Umansky’s leadership and contributions to educational policy research for immigrant and multilingual students have had tremendous societal impact, particularly for an assistant professor in the early stages of her career. Her research has served to increase educational opportunities and appropriate access to curricular content and instruction among students classified as English language learners and has been instrumental in policy development and in changing California law. “Few faculty in education achieve Dr. Umansky’s scope of societal impact over the course of their entire career. She achieved this milestone as an assistant professor, which documents the field-leading rigor of her research and her ability to work productively with policymakers.” —Randy Kamphaus, PhD, Professor and Dean

David Degarmo, Research Associate Professor Outstanding Accomplishment NTTF Award Recipient, David DeGarmo, Research Associate Professor Prevention Science Institute

David DeGarmo is one of the leading researchers on the role of fathers on child development. His expertise as a methodologist has contributed to several significant research endeavors at the UO, and his dedication and commitment to mentoring are also exemplary. “Dr. DeGarmo exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding member of the research community at the University of Oregon. Throughout his work as a researcher, mentor, teacher and leader, he applies himself with integrity, passion, and innovation.” —Leslie Leve, Professor, Associate Director of the Prevention Science Institute

State and National Awards 2021


Goode, Joanna, Duke University, Alliance for Identity Inclusive Computing Education, $112,477.00


Duran, Lillian, U.S. Department of Education (USDE), Interdisciplinary Diversity Equity and Accessibility (IDEA), $250,000.00

Hadley, Wendy, Rhode Island Hospital, Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia as a Predictor of Substance Use among Early Adolescents, $83,958.00

Murray, Chris  Administration for Community Living, Transition to Integrated Employment Resources (TIER-NET),   $100,000.00


McIntosh, Kent, University of Alabama, Youth Violence Prevention Interventions that Incorporate Racism/Discrimination Prevention (Subaward from University of Alabama), $31,139.00

Sabzalian, Leilani, U.S. Department of Education (USDE), The University of Oregon Sapsik'ʷałá (Teacher) Education Project: An Indigenous Professional Teacher Preparation Program Proposal, $399,993.00

Seeley, John, Oregon Health Authority, Youth Suicide Prevention 2021 [Amendment 3 -320K Supplement], $320,000.00


Kennedy, Patrick, U.S. Department of Education (USDE), Validating DIBELS 8th Edition as a Screener for Dyslexia (AIP2), $600,529.00

Vincent, Claudia, U.S. Department of Education (USDE), Project BASICS (Behavioral Accountability for a Successful Instructional Climate in Schools), $464,672.00


Clarke, Ben, National Science Foundation, Building a Flexible and Comprehensive Approach to Supporting Student Development of Whole Number Understanding (Project Flex), $1,407,870

Scalise, Kathleen, Oregon Department of Education, A Study in Equity: Oregon's Ninth Grade Transition (CFDA 84.305S), $20,000


Biancarosa, Gina, Emberex, Creating a Data-Based Decision-Making and Recommendation Tool for Reading Comprehension Instruction Using Diagnostic Results from MOCCA, $52,882

Liebowitz, David, American Institutes for Research, Continuous Improvement in Schools Evaluation of the Networks for School Improvement (Gates NSI), $147,638


Zopluoglu, Cengiz, Duolingo, Inc., Duolingo English Test Proposal, $95,158.00


Goode, Joanna, Education Development Center, Inc., Online Professional Development for EDC Teachers, $77,998

Stormshak, Beth, Case Western Reserve University, Supplement: Long-term Effects of the Family Check-Up on Depression and Suicide across Trials and Development, $441,956


Hadley, Wendy, Miriam Hospital, Enhancing Emotion Regulation to Support Weight Control Efforts in Adolescents with Overweight and Obesity, $207,561

Other Research Awards 

David Liebowitz, Assistant Professor

David Liebowitz, Assistant Professor
NAEd/Spencer Research Development Award

Professor Leibowitz was awarded the NAEd/Spencer Research Development Award, and a sub-contract (~$150K) from the American Institutes for Research to co-lead part of the evaluation of the Networks for School Improvement initiative—a Gates Foundation-backed network of schools doing continuous improvement work.

John Seeley, Professor

John Seeley, Professor
Fund for Faculty Excellence 2021

Professor Seeley's Fund for Faculty Excellence award was made possible by the generous donation of Lorry Lokey, is designed to further the University’s strategic commitment to sustain and improve academic quality and reputation by recognizing, supporting, and retaining world-class, tenure-related faculty. Faculty members are nominated by their deans and recommended by a committee of former recipients. John is one of twenty exceptional faculty members to receive a Fund for Faculty Excellence award this year. 


Laura Lee McIntyre, Professor

Laura Lee McIntyre, Professor, Department Head of Special Education and Clinical Sciences and Professor of School Psychology

American Psychological Association (APA)’s 2021 Division 16 (school psychology) Tom Oakland Mid-Career Scholarship Award

Professor McIntyre was selected to receive the American Psychological Association (APA)’s 2021 Division 16 (school psychology) Tom Oakland Mid-Career Scholarship Award. One award is given each year, to a professional and academic school psychologist who is 7 to 20 years post-graduation and has “demonstrated scholarship that merits special recognition”. The prospect for continuing contributions to scholarship is the primary consideration in making the award.


James Muruthi, Assistant Professor

James Muruthi, Assistant Professor

Professor Muruthi was awarded the Inaugural Center for Science Communication and Research, https://scr.uoregon.edu/, Small Grant Program award. 

The Center for Science Communication Research (SCR) aims to make science useful by exploring the way researchers share their discoveries with the public. Through research, education, and outreach, we hope their goal is to enhance the conversation between scientists and society.

Ilana Umansky, Assistant Professor

​​​​​​Ilana Umansky, Associate Professor

2020 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

Elizabeth Budd, Evergreen Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Budd, Evergreen Assistant Professor

Steven P Hooker Research Award, the largest award given by the Physical Activity Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Every year the APHA recognizes outstanding students and professionals for advancing physical activity knowledge. 

2021 College of Education Annual Faculty and Staff Awards

Equity and Inclusion Award
James Muruthi, Assistant Professor              

Excellence in Research/Outreach, Distinguished
Gina Biancarosa, Ann Swindells Chair in Education

Excellence in Research/Outreach, Mid-Career
Ilana Umansky, Assistant Professor

Excellence in Research/Outreach, Mid-Career
Jennifer Meyer, Director of Clinical Education

Excellence in Research/Outreach, Early Career
Sarah Stapleton, Assistant Professor                                                                 

Excellence in Supervision, NTTF 
Alycia Canavan, Clinical Assistant Professor

Excellence in Teaching, Distinguished
Jenefer Husman, Professor                                           

Excellence in Teaching, Early Career
Jean Kjellstrand, Assistant Professor                                 

Staff Excellence, Classified or OA
Adam Pritt, E-Learning Technology Specialist                                           

Student Staff Excellence, Graduate, Non-Teaching
Mary Marchetti, Academic Advisor                            

Dean's Distinguished Service Award
Julie Wren, Assistant Dean Accreditation and Assessment           

2020 AERA Outstanding Book Award
Leilani Sabzalian, Assistant Professor

Awarded in 2020

Emily Tanner-Smith, Thomson Professor

Emily Tanner-Smith, Thomson Professor

2020 recipient of the Campbell Collaboration’s Robert Boruch award for distinctive contributions to research that informs public policy.

Beth Stormshak, Philip H. Knight Chair

Beth Stormshak, Philip H. Knight Chair

Recipient of the 2020 Translation Science Award for outstanding contributions to advancing the field of prevention science.

Stephanie Shire, Assistant Professor

Stephanie Shire, Assistant Professor

Recipient of an early career research award from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) focused on the use of technology to adapt proven caregiver-mediated interventions for young children with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Ilana Umansky, Assistant Professor

Ilana Umansky, Associate Professor

2020 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

Stephanie De Anda, Assistant Professor

Stephanie De Anda, Assistant Professor

Awarded a Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 2020-2025 for a prestigious K23 mentored clinical research entitled, “Building a vocabulary: Lexical-semantic development in Latino children with early language delay.  

Angel Dorantes, Senior Advisor

Angel Dorantes, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Outstanding Diversity Practitioner Award. 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Sarah Stapleton, Assistant Professor

Sarah Riggs Stapleton,
Assistant Professor

Campus Sustainability Award for Excellence in Teaching

Stephanie Wood, Senior Research Associate

Stephanie Wood, Director of Wired Humanities Projects and Senior Research Associate

Outstanding Partner Award from the National Parks Service.