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Joseph Nese

Research Associate Professor
College of Education, Education Policy and Leadership, Education Research and Outreach
Office: 275F Lokey Education Bldg


JJoe Nese is a Research Associate Professor, a career line position in the Research Professor classification. After receiving his Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Maryland in 2009, he was an Institute of Education Sciences postdoctoral research fellow at Behavioral Research and Teaching (BRT).

He has served as PI or Co-PI on federally funded research grants totaling $3 million, including the development and validation of a new computerized assessment system of oral reading fluency, Computerized Oral Reading Evaluation (CORE; R305A140203), and the  development of an instructional alternative to out-of-school suspension, The Instructional Suspension Learning Alternative (ISLA; R305A180006).

His work to date is based on integrated collaborations with experts in reading, teaching, student exceptionalities, psychometrics, statistics, computer science, behavioral outcomes, exclusionary discipline, and positive behavioral interventions & supports to advance the systems used by educators to support data-based decision making and improve student outcomes. His goal is to bridge assessment and intervention in a meaningful way; to provide access to reliable and relevant data, interpret student responsiveness to intervention, and offer instructional recommendations to teachers to increase student achievement.

A growing part of his research and scholarship efforts is the application of the R programming language and environment, which embodies his commitment to open science, reproducible research, efficient workflow, communication of findings, and access to advanced practices.

He has also provided opportunities and training to support graduate students, including peer-reviewed publications and presentations, study design, research methods, data preparation, statistical analyses, and pursuit of their individual scholarly interests.


Ph.D., 2009, University of Maryland, College Park

M.A., 2006, University of Maryland, College Park

B.A., 2002, University of California, Santa Barbara
Major:  Psychology
Minor:  English 


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Tindal, G., Nese, J. F. T., Stevens, J. J. (in press). Documenting school effects in a state testing program using transition matrices. Educational Assessment.

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