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Our academics are rigorous, highly selective, and highly regarded.

Our graduates work in a number of professions where their impact touches not only the lives and futures of individuals, but also their families and communities. Your passion for education and for others led you here, and we will prepare you to be at the forefront of your field and help you shape the future.

No. 6
public college of education
No. 3
special education program
No. 14
best graduate school of education

Departments and Programs


Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership

Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences

Communication Disorders and Sciences Program (BA / BS / MA / MS / Postbaccalaureate / PhD)
Special Education Program (Minor / MA / MS / MEd / PhD)

Closing the Inequity Gap

Our inclusive class models create tightly knit communities of students who influence each other’s success, and most students are involved in research as part of their program requirements.

We have a culture that values diversity and promotes respect and inclusion. We produce scholars and practitioners who are prepared to make meaningful changes in our local, national, indigenous, and internal communities.

Our graduates become leaders in education and human sciences who change lives and improve outcomes for individuals and systems.

FIGs COE Sapsikwala StudentsFirst-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) bring students with similar interests together. Each FIG is unique and tailored to explore an exciting academic theme while helping students acclimate to campus both academically and socially. There are seven themes to choose from, and with over 50 FIGs offered each fall there is something for everyone!

COE ARCs Academic StudentsAcademic Residential Communities (ARCs)

Academic Residential Communities are programs created by University Housing to help students find a community based around shared interests and passions for inquiry. Each year University Housing offers different ARCs. They vary and include such options as a focus on leadership in business, and live-in immersive language halls.

Ready to Make a Difference

Number of degrees granted in 2017-18:

bachelor’s degrees awarded
master’s degrees awarded
doctoral degrees awarded

Scholarships and Funding

scholarship funding in 2019-2020
undergraduates scholarships
Masters scholarships
doctoral scholarships

We have a number of funding opportunities, both at the college and program level, that will help you to afford your education—from traditional scholarships to grant-funded positions, stipends, and service-pay-back programs.

We encourage you to explore all the different options and to apply even if you initially think you might not qualify. It is our goal to make our programs as accessible as possible to all who are interested.