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Special Education Program

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Learn from leading researchers in the field of special education 

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Highest ranked academic program at uo
No. 3
special education graduate program in the united states
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Graduate school of education among public institutions

Why earn a degree in special education?

Our programs and endorsements have been rated number 3 in the nation since 2000! This means the instructors and professors you will work with are pushing the field to improve the experiences for children with disabilities as well as their families. Our faculty are actively researching important issues in the field of early intervention and special education, so our students are actively engaged in that process both in their coursework as well as participating on research teams.

Program Options

The special education program offers the following degree options:

What can I do with a degree in special education?

Our master's program will prepare you for a variety of professional roles, including:

University of Oregon College of Education SPED student and child
University of Oregon College of Education SPED student teacher
University of Oregon College of Education SPED students

Home Visitors

Classroom Teachers


A child writing in a notebooke
University of Oregon College of Education SPED student with child
University of Oregon College of Education SPED students helping with research

EI/ECSE service coordinators
(EI licensure program only)

Evaluation Specialists

Research Assistants

Take the Next Step

Call us, email us, visit us or apply to the program. We’re here to answer your questions about how a degree in special education can shape your future and positively impact your community.


In Oregon, student teaching and all licensure requirements including your admissions, academic preparation, program of study, field placement, supervision and assessments are under the regulations and jurisdiction of the state Teaching Standards and Practices Commission. The state Teachers Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) is responsible for issuance, renewal, and oversight of Oregon teacher licenses, levels, and renewals.

Our licensure graduates are highly sought after with 100% of graduates employed on completion

Our doctoral program will prepare you for:

Teacher with college students
Research and Teaching
Research and teaching positions in higher education
people in government office
Policy Positions
Policy positions in the state and federal government
students in meeting
Leading Initiatives
Leading district and nonprofit management initiatives

Research to Practice

The research completed by special education faculty is making a difference in every state in our nation as well as in other countries. Our faculty are working on a wide range of topics including culturally responsive instructional practices, equity in school discipline and achievement, effective and efficient reading and math assessments, and supporting the transition of youth from schools to community and work settings. Check out their efforts by visiting the following research centers:

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