Graduate Specializations

Specialization in Educational Data Science for Social System Leaders

Become a “big data” leader who has the skills to use data to guide decision making. Data-informed decision-making is now the new minimum standard of practice in many fields, including education and social systems.

A five-course Data Science Specialization is available now in the College of Education at the University of Oregon. Contact Cengiz Zopluoglu for information about how the Data Science Specialization can be become an emphasis area of a doctoral or master’s degree.

Data Science Specialization

Quantitative Research Methods Specialization

The Quantitative Research Methods (QRM) graduate specialization is a rigorous training program designed to build serious expertise in quantitative methodology, including applied educational statistics and research design.

To be eligible to add a specialization in QRM to their degree, a student must be admitted to a UO master’s or doctoral program.

The QRM specialization is designed primarily for PhD students who have chosen quantitative methods as their primary research tradition in the College of Education (COE). PhD students in other colleges and programs may be eligible but should check with the sponsoring department, Education Studies (EDST).

QRM Specialization