Counseling Psychology Program

Why earn a graduate degree in counseling psychology?

Our counseling psychology (CSPY) doctoral program will train you in a generalist, scientist-practitioner model, which emphasizes education and training in theory, science, assessment, and practice. Our graduates are skilled in research and evidence-based practices with the goal of improving health outcomes in children, adults, and families.

We conduct research that aids in the identification and reduction of risk factors, the enhancement of protective factors, and that contributes to the evidence base of practices that promote psychological health and well-being. Our strengths-based approach recognizes and values the assets and resources of all individuals and communities, from the most marginalized to the most privileged, throughout the scope of our research and practice endeavors.

The curriculum emphasizes strengths-based training in health promotion, and spans education, assessment, prevention, and intervention work with children, adolescents, families, and adults in diverse environments.

Program Options

The counseling psychology (CSPY) program offers the following degree options:

What can I do with a degree in counseling psychology?

Our training model is designed to prepare you for a variety of career paths as health service psychologists.

Graduates pursue employment and leadership roles in diverse research and practice settings, including:

  • academic institutions (e.g., as research, teaching, and clinical faculty; student health services administrators)
  • university counseling centers, hospital/medical and community mental health settings (e.g., as staff psychologists engaged in direct services, supervision, and administration)
  • federal government settings, (e.g., military and correctional facilities)
  • research centers (e.g., as clinical project directors and research scientists)


Our program has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1955.