Counseling Psychology Courses

CPSY 217 Foundations of Student Health and Well-Being
3 Credits
Presents the risks and protective factors for college students during the developmental stage of emerging adulthood, and strategies for reducing risk and enhancing well-being.

CPSY 606 Practicum: Child and Family; Bilingual Supervision
116 Credits

CPSY 611 Counseling Skills
2-3 Credits
Emphasizes experiential learning of a broad range of communication skills needed to form effective helping relationships. Covers client intake procedures and interviewing strategies. Includes laboratory. Prereq for nonmajors; instructor's consent.

CPSY 612 Professional Ethics
3 Credits
Ethical and legal concerns in the professional practice of psychology. Ethical theory and decision-making processes; legal aspects of client-psychologist relationships.

CPSY 613 Introduction to Counseling Psychology
3 Credits
Historical foundations of counseling psychology. Major theories and theorists. Counseling as an ecological and context-sensitive interactive process. Settings and roles of the profession.

CPSY 614 Theories of Counseling
3 Credits
Overview of selected historical and current counseling theories.

CPSY 615 Counseling Diverse Populations
3 Credits
Influence of gender, race, ethnicity, and other factors related to diverse populations on the identity-formation process in contemporary society. Applications to counseling psychology

CPSY 617 Theories of Career Development
3 Credits
Addresses life-span career development including issues, concepts, and definitions; theories of career development and choice; intervention in strategies; and career resources in the context of a multicultural society.

CPSY 621 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
3 Credits
Understanding continuity and change in human development and the ways in which the development of children, adolescents, and adults can be enhanced. Repeatable once for a maximum of 6 credits.

CPSY 622 Psychological Assessment II
4 Credits
Selection and administration of instruments and procedures for generating personality and career assessment reports. Emphasizes the integration of assessment into the intervention planning process. Includes laboratory.

CPSY 625 Child & Family Interventions
3 Credits
Empirically oriented interventions with children and families, ranging from early childhood through adolescence. Integrates developmental and intervention sciences.

CPSY 626 Psychological Services for Latinos
3 Credits
Content specific to carrying out human services work and research with those who are Latino and/or Spanish speaking in school and community settings.

CPSY 627 Topics in Latinx Mental Health
3 Credits
This course is designed to enhance understanding of Spanish-speaking and Latinx populations in the US with attention to strengths, resilience, social injustice and inequity, and how these influence the health and well-being of Latinx communities as applied in clinical mental health and school settings.

CPSY 635 Social Aspects of Behavior
45 Credits
This course introduces research and concepts related to social influences on human behavior, including prejudice, conformity, aggression, prosocial behavior, internalized social norms, and social cognition.

CPSY 645 Health Promotion and Equity
3 Credits
This course introduces theoretical and empirical work in prevention-focused health psychology, integrating cultural, developmental, and community psychology concepts as they pertain to health related behaviors.

CPSY 654 Supervision and Consultation
4 Credits
Focuses on supervision theory, research, and evidence-based practices in supervision and consultation and acquisition of supervision and consultation skills. Students refine their knowledge of supervision theory, research, and techniques and integrate these into supervision and consultation activities. Lab included.

CPSY 690 Supervision and Consultation
4 Credits
Adult Practicum is a three-term experience over one academic year in which counseling psychology doctoral students work in a clinical setting and provide therapy services to adult clients. Students receive individual and group supervision and training in evidence-based interventions and theoretical models of practice.

CPSY 704 Internship: [Topic]
115 Credits