Research News

To help educators create an environment of inclusivity and acceptance for LGBTQ+ students, the University of Oregon’s HEDCO Institute created a quick summary of five evidence-supported strategies for schools. Elizabeth Day, PhD, a research assistant professor, worked on the summary.
Professors Beth Stormshak, PhD, and Leslie Leve, PhD, work within the Center of Parenting and Opioids, a center focused on using prevention science to help families during the ongoing opioid crisis.
A 4-day school week is a reality for some, and researchers at the University of Oregon have developed a hub that breaks down detailed research on the effects it has.
Researchers at the University of Oregon’s HEDCO Institute for Evidence-Based Educational Practice identified those gaps as they created a comprehensive, searchable database of 111 empirical studies on four-day school weeks.
In the latest edition of Research Briefly, CTL Associate Director, Professor Jessica Turtura, PhD, discusses a new research grant Math-Ready Supporting Early Number Sense (MSENS).
Learn more about Havisha Khurana, a Quantitative Research Methods in Education (QRME) student through our Student Spotlight series.
In the latest edition of Research Briefly, Professor of Education Studies Jenefer Husman, PhD, talks about her research and involvement in the Oregon Pathways to Industry Research Careers (OPIRC).
Stephanie Shire, PhD, associate professor of Early Childhood Special Education at UO, focuses her current research on young children with autism and their families.
New research suggests that adolescence is the crucial intervention point for steering young women away from the criminal justice system. Leslie Leve, PhD, and Maria Schweer-Collins, PhD, involved in research.
Professor Samantha Shune, PhD, an expert on aging and mealtime, troubleshoots this frequent problem of dementia.