Research News

“Math, on both the assessment side and the intervention side, has always lagged behind reading,” said Ben Clarke, a professor of school psychology at the University of Oregon, who studies math assessment and instruction.
The UO says this is the first eating behavior research to document desirability bias in kids, showing children change what they eat to avoid being viewed negatively by others.
New video series, "Research Briefly," dedicated to highlighting remarkable research and grant awards within the COE. In our inaugural episode, we talk with Education Studies Professor Edward M. Olivos, PhD, who delves into the insights and intricacies of his latest project.
David Liebowitz, PhD, assistant professor in the College of Education, received the Best Paper Award from the Economics of Education Review.
Megan Kunze, assistant research fellow in the College of Education, has been selected as a fellow for the 2024 Comprehensive Program for Adaptive Interventions Training in Education at the University of Michigan.
Edward Olivos receives the Spencer Foundation Racial Equity Research Grant
Learn more about Sara Schmitt, PhD, Bricker/Squires Faculty Chair in Early Intervention, Associate Professor, Special Education, through our Faculty Spotlight series.
Joanna Goode, PhD, invited to White House event on inclusive AI education.
Researchers from the University of Oregon have secured a $5 million grant to develop literacy screening tools for elementary school students learning Alaska Indigenous languages.
A new approach to classroom behavior that avoids suspensions and expulsions could be the latest tool for helping youngsters avoid a whole list of short- and long-term problems, including drug abuse.