Undergraduate Programs in the College of Education

Undergraduate Majors

The Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) bachelor's degree is considered a pre-professional degree. The bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree program gives students the foundation to pursue graduate studies that will lead to a career as an audiologist or speech pathologist.

The Educational Foundations (EDF) bachelor's degree is for students who are pursuing a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree for a future in elementary education or related fields. If you want to become an elementary teacher, you should begin your undergraduate study as an Educational Foundations major.

The Family and Human Services major leads to a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. FHS is interdisciplinary, drawing on the fields of psychology/counseling, social work, prevention science, public health, human development, and sociology. 

Undergraduate Minors

The SPED minor and certificate programs provide foundational knowledge and experiences for students who plan to pursue a career teaching in general or in special education, are interested in working with individuals with disabilities in community or employment settings, or are interested in issues concerning individuals with disabilities



Undergraduate Certificates

If you are preparing to be a middle or high school teacher, you should major in the subject area you plan to teach. This certificate compliments your subject area preparation and gives you a running start as an undergraduate, rather than waiting until graduate school to begin teacher preparation.

Our Special Education (SPED) undergraduate certificate is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a teaching license in K-12 Special Education. The certificate allows undergraduate students to complete the first year of our graduate licensure program as undergrads, then complete the program and a Master’s degree in one year, post-baccalaureate.