Educational Foundations Undergraduate Program

The educational foundations major is designed as a four-year undegraduate program with the option of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

If you are preparing to be a middle or high school teacher, you should major in the subject area you plan to teach. This certificate compliments your subject area preparation and gives you a running start as an undergraduate, rather than waiting until graduate school to begin teacher preparation.

Are you interested in learning more about the Educational Foundations (EdF) major at the College of Education?

Check out this episode of the College of Education's Look No Feather podcast!

Listen to an overview of the major including what you can expect to learn from the course work, the types of experience that you can gain through the program, and the different career paths that you can pursue as they are discussed with Dr. Alison Schmitke, the Undergraduate Degree Program Director for the Educational Foundations major.


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