Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Educational Foundations

Our program’s collection of courses provides students with a sophisticated understanding of the social, cultural, and political dimensions of teaching and learning.

This is a pre-professional degree preparing students who are highly competitive for admission into graduate teacher education programs or other graduate programs in Oregon and around the country.

The educational foundations major requires core courses in five thematic areas:

  1. Learning, teaching, and assessment
  2. Curriculum theory
  3. Equal opportunity
  4. Literacy
  5. Technology

Additional courses are required in:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Other subjects for the purpose of building subject matter preparation for teaching

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

UO Requirements

Written English WR 121 College Composition
WR 122 College Composition II or WR 123 College Composition III

CORE Education
A minimum of 15-16 credits in approved CORE courses is required for each Area of Inquiry. Students must take courses in at least two subject codes in each Area of Inquiry. Students may use a maximum of 3 courses in any one subject code toward the total credits across all Areas of Inquiry. Students may use a maximum of 3 courses that have the same subject code(s) as their primary major (EDST) to simultaneously count for both a student’s major requirements and Areas of Inquiry.

Areas of Inquiry:
Arts and Letters: 15-16 credits.
Social Science: EDST 111, and additional Social Science coursework to total 15-16 credits.
Science: Four courses listed as Science (SC) in the UO catalog or the transfer equivalent.

Cultural Literacy
One approved course in each of the following categories: US: Difference, Inequality & Agency; Global Perspectives (Courses must be a minimum of three credits.)

DIA: EDST 225 (also a prerequisite for upper division coursework)

GP: One 3-4 credit course

Educational Foundations Program Coursework

Bachelor of Science

  • MATH 211 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I
  • MATH 212 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics II
  • MATH 213 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics III

Lower Division Education Courses

Course and Title Credits
EDST 111 Educational Issues and Problems(Prerequisite for EDST 331 and EDST 420) 4
EDST 211 Childhood Studies (Prerequisite for EDST 331 and EDST 420) 4
EDST 225 School and Representation in Film2 (Prerequisite for EDST 420) 4

1 Social Science CORE Education
2 US: DIA CORE Education


  • All private teacher education graduate programs in Oregon accept MATH 211 (4), 212 (4), 213 (4) OR EDST 471 (4), EDST 472 (4).
  • The UO and Oregon State are the only state institutions that have formally accepted EDST 471 and EDST 472 as equivalents for MATH 211-213.
  • For approval at Portland State, Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, and Western Oregon, please contact Alison Schmitke in EDST at

Upper Division Education Courses

course and Title Credits
EDST 331 Autobiography of Schooling (Prerequisites: EDST 111 and EDST 211) 4
EDST 332 Learning, Teaching, and Assessment I (Prerequisite: EDST 331) 3
EDST 333 Learning, Teaching, and Assessment II (Prerequisite: EDST 332) 3
EDST 338 Observation: Learning, Teaching, Assessment I (Corequisite with EDST 332 Learning, Teaching, and Assessment I)
(Prerequisite: EDST 331)  
EDST 339 Observation: Learning, Teaching, Assessment II (Corequisite with EDST 333 Learning, Teaching, and Assessment II)
(Prerequisites: EDST 331, EDST 332, EDST 338)
EDST 420 Living in a Stratified Society (Prerequisites: EDST 111 and EDST 225

(EDST 420 is prerequisite for all Equal Opportunity Courses.)

EDST 422 Technology and Education 4
EDST 440 Physical Education for Diverse Learners 3
EDST 342 Curriculum Studies I (Prerequisite: EDST 333) 4
EDST 343 Curriculum Studies II (Prerequisite: EDST 333) 4
EDST 463 Foundations of Reading (Prerequisite: EDST 333) 4
EDST 464 Multicultural Literacy (Prerequisite: EDST 420) 4
SPED 411 Foundations of Disability I 3

Equal Opportunity Coursework

  • EDST 420 is prerequisite for all Equal Opportunity Courses.
  • EdF students will choose a minimum of two equal opportunity courses during senior year.
  • Study abroad experience may count toward one equal opportunity course.
course and Title Credits
EDST 410 Indigenous Values in Education 4
EDST 450 Food and Schools 4
EDST 451 Teaching for Climate Activism 4
EDST 452 Equal Opportunity: Poverty and Education  4
EDST 453 Equal Opportunity: Racism and Education  4
EDST 454 Equal Opportunity: Patriarchy and Education  4
EDST 455 Equal Opportunity: Heteronormativity and Education  4
EDST 456 Decolonization and Education  4
EDST 457 Equal Opportunity: Immigration, Diaspora and Education  4

NOTE: All EdF third- and fourth-year courses must be taken for a letter grade. Pass/No Pass may only be used for group and BA or BS requirements.