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Why earn a graduate degree in school psychology?

Are you passionate about making a substantial impact in school psychology and education locally, nationally, and internationally? Our school psychology (SPSY) program will prepare you to become a skilled practitioner and leader in the field.

Our program is intervention-focused, training you to conduct and evaluate research and to then deliver evidence-based interventions to children and youth in schools and related settings within a behaviorally-oriented perspective and at a variety of levels.

Our theoretical orientations range from behavior-analytic to social-interactional theory. From these perspectives, we strive to train school psychologists as scientist-practitioners, with a data-oriented, problem-solving emphasis. These levels of service delivery include:

  • with individuals
  • within small groups and classrooms
  • across entire schools and systems

The program prepares you to provide effective, evidence-based services to individuals and groups who have a wide variety of needs, problems, or deficits. But we particularly value primary prevention and early intervention approaches, which seek to provide universal screening and prevention services to detect and intervene early before problems become severe.

This emphasis supports an outcomes-driven model of service delivery, which is focused on health rather than pathology, and is focused on desired outcomes rather than on problems.

We are known for this strong emphasis on state-of-the-art applied research and development efforts in the field of education. Through these efforts, our faculty, students, and alumni have helped improve systems of service in schools, and improved outcomes for children, youth, and their families.

We value and support the empowerment of our students and the perpetuation of a highly collegial program environment, where we strive for positive and cooperative professional relationships among and between faculty and students.

Program Options

The School Psychology graduate program leads to:

Degree Programs

Non-Degree Program

What can I do with a graduate degree in school psychology?


School Psychology master’s program graduates pursue careers as practicing school psychologists. The intervention-focused program trains graduate students to conduct and evaluate research and deliver evidence-based interventions to children and youth in schools and in related settings within a behaviorally oriented perspective at a variety of levels. Levels of service delivery and intervention include:

  • Individuals
  • Small groups and classrooms
  • Across entire schools and systems


Students in the PhD program pursue a number of career tracks including working as:

  • school psychologists in school settings
  • clinical practitioners
  • researchers
  • university faculty members


Both the SPSY doctoral and master’s (specialist-level) programs are accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists and are approved by the Oregon Teachers Standards and Practices Commission for the educational licensure of school psychologists in the state of Oregon. The doctoral program is also accredited by the American Psychological Association.


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