Certificate in Foundations of Special Education

Certificate Requirements

  • Students must complete a minimum of 36 credits of required courses
  • All upper-division credits must be completed in residence at the University of Oregon
  • A minimum grade of B- or P must be earned in each required course
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless only offered pass/no pass (e.g., field studies, practicum)
  • Students wishing to waive required course work need to obtain coordinator approval

SPED Certificate Program Plan

Certificate Program Plan

Complete the courses in the table below, with a minimum grade of B- or P, prior to applying for the SPED certificate.

Second Year - 7 Credits

course and TitleCREDITS
SPED 411 Foundations of Disability I* [online]3
SPED 406 SPED Field Studies** [Field studies can be taken 1 credit (30 hours) at a time]3
SPED 407 SPED Minor Seminar [Take concurrently with first term of SPED 406]1

* Prerequisite to SPED 406 SPED Field Studies

**All students enrolling in SPED 406 Field Studies will need to obtain a COE ID badge PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF THEIR FIELD STUDY by completing a character questionnaire and submitting to an FBI background check. See the COE website or obtain the handout available in the SPED office (3rd Floor HEDCO) for more information.

Note: Students may waive the field study requirements if a field study with a special education focus was part of another academic program. If waived, additional elective credits need to be taken to complete the 24-credit requirement. This may also apply to students with extensive experience (paid or unpaid) in special education.

Third Year — 17–18 Credits

  • Apply to the certificate program during the fall

course and TitleCREDITS
Child/Adolescent Development Course – SPED 410; CDS 455; EDST 411; FHS 328; PSY 3083–4
SPED 426/SPED 526 Behavior and Classroom Management [online]4
SPED 410/SPED 510 Diversity in Special Education3
SPED 422/SPED 522 Special Education Mathematics Instruction4
CDS 446 Services for Deaf Students**3


Fourth Year - 12 Required Courses; 12 Reserved Graduate Credits

course and TitleCREDITS
SPED 436/SPED 536: Advanced Behavior and Classroom Management3
SPED 450/SPED 540 Early Literacy for Diverse Learners**4
SPED 406 Field Studies3
SPED 441/SPED 541 Intermediate Literacy for Diverse Learners**4
SPED 442/SPED 542 Adolescent Literacy for Diverse Learners**4
SPED 409 Practicum I*3
SPED 488 Professional Practices3

*Child Development course is a prerequisite for licensure program

**Complete Reserve Graduate Credit form

Additional course recommended for those continuing with SPED K–12 License:

course and TitleCREDITS
SPED 443/SPED 543 Supporting Students with Low Incidence Disabilities4