Elementary Education Multiple Subjects

The UOTeach elementary program is a one-year postbaccalaureate master’s degree program that leads to an Oregon preliminary teaching license with endorsements in elementary—multiple subjects and English as a second language (ESOL).

The program prepares you to be a fearless and competent math, science, reading, social studies, and language literacy elementary teacher.

Course work explores approaches to teaching and learning that promote teamwork, critical thinking, and culturally responsive pedagogies for early learners.

Applicants do not need to be education majors to apply, but must demonstrate completion of math and physical education prerequisites prior to the start of the program.

Oregon requires passing scores on the ORELA/NES Elementary Education Subtest I & II for licensure. Applicants are encouraged to submit their Elementary ORELA test scores in the application process.

Educational Foundations majors satisfy all prerequisite coursework and are eligible to waive select graduate courses.

UOTeach Handbook

The MEd Program of Study fosters a broad background in a variety of subjects, including science, math, and literacy because elementary teachers teach a wide range of subjects.

The program of study is sequential simultaneously completing master’s and licensure requirements in both classroom and field experience.

Elementary Study Plan 

MEd Requirements: Total Credits 62 (UO Ed Foundations majors 52)

Summer Term (8 weeks) — Total Credits: 15

Course and TitleCredits
EDST 612 Foundations of Teaching and Learning*3
EDST 616 Language, Power, and Education4
EDST 620 Understanding Curricular Controversies4
LT 629 Foundations in Language4

Late Summer 1: September Experience (4 weeks) — Total Credits: 1

Course and TitleCredits
EDST 627 Introduction to Supportive Learning Communities1
Field observations: Begins Monday before Labor Day and continues until UO fall term starts. Linked to 15 hours a week of field experience.-

Fall Term (11 weeks) — Total Credits: 15

Course and TitleCredits
SPED 511 Foundations of Disability I*3
EDST 640 Methods: Constructing Meaning Through Literacy4
EDST 642 Methods: Pedagogical Methods in the Humanities4
EDST 643 Methods: Teaching Mathematics: Facts and Inquiry4
Ten hours of field placement-

Winter Term (11 weeks) — Total Credits: 15

Course and TitleCredits
EDST 628 Creating Supportive Learning Communities3
EDST 645 Methods: Teaching Science: Detail and Discovery4
EDST 646 Methods ESOL: English Language Learner Pedagogy for Elementary Classrooms4
EDST 609 Practicum (supervised practicum, 16 hrs/week)4

Spring Term (11 weeks) — Total Credits: 16

Course and TitleCredits
EDST 614 Cultural Context of Education*4
EDST 607 Student Teaching Seminar2
EDST 609 Student Teaching (full-time student teaching)10

* Courses waived for UO Educational Foundations graduates.

Completion Program of Study

Elementary Multiple Subject Endorsement

  • Complete required courses and practicum work
  • Pass NES/ORELA Elementary Subtest 1 & 2
  • Pass edTPA (elementary education handbook)
  • Pass field placement evaluation

ESOL Endorsement

  • Complete required courses and practicum work
  • Pass ESOL field placement evaluation 
  • Pass ESOL ORELA/NES English for Speakers of Other Languages assessment
  • Pass ESOL Work Sample