Mathematics Endorsement

UOTeach offers advanced and foundational mathematics endorsement options for individuals with strong academic preparation.

As a graduate student you will take instructional methods courses with teacher experts, 34-weeks of field-based public-school practicum with outstanding math faculty and mentor teachers, and develop integrated and equitable approaches to serving the diverse learning needs of students from different sociocultural communities.

In 2017–18, 47 states reported a critical shortage of math teachers to the US Department of Education.

Pre-Program Content Preparation for Admissions

The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSCP) recommends the following content area academic preparation:

Advanced Mathematics

Applicants are expected to have a math major or 36 upper-division credit hours in college-level mathematics including abstract algebra, linear algebra, geometry, analysis, probability and statistics, elementary number theory, and computer science.

An advanced mathematics endorsement is designed to develop competence for teaching all levels of math curriculum through high school.

Foundational (Basic) Mathematics

Applicants are expected to have a math minor or 24 term hours (8 upper-division hours) of math with math area expertise in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, discrete mathematics, and computer science.

Endorsement allows for teaching middle school levels including Algebra I.

To convert semester hours to term hours, multiply semester hours by 1.5:

Term Hours = Semester Hours X 1.5

Entrance Subject Area Test Requirement

UOTeach requires a passing Oregon Educator Licensing Assessment (ORELA) math test for admissions.

Applicants who take and pass the advanced math ORELA do not need to take the foundational math ORELA test.

Applicants are encouraged to take the mathematics test early in the application process.

The test may be taken on campus or at any other testing facility available through ORELA. The test may be taken multiple times but admission cannot be finalized without a passing score.

Advanced Mathematics #304 ORELA Entrance Test: Passing Score = 220


Foundational (Middle School) Mathematics #203 ORELA Entrance Test: Passing = 220 (See test framework)

Your official results are not required (although preferred) for the January application deadline. Scores obtained after the deadline should be emailed to asap.

Looking for Study Materials?

The UO Library has ORELA study guides. Materials can also be requested through the library Summit network system. From the UO website, go to UO Library and type Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments in the Library Search. If books are not available on campus, you can “Place a Summit Request” through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL). If you have questions call 541-346-3055 or email Books are typically available for six days.

Testing Fee Waiver

Students on financial aid can apply to NES for a test fee waiver. This process takes several weeks and must be completed prior to registering for the test.

Complete the fee waiver application and bring it to your Financial Aid office for process.

UOTeach does not require the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).