Certificate in Educational Foundations: Secondary

If you are preparing to be a middle or high school teacher, you should major in the subject area you plan to teach. This certificate compliments your subject area preparation and gives you a running start as an undergraduate, rather than waiting until graduate school to begin teacher preparation.

Certificate Requirements

Lower Division — 12 Credits

Course and Title Credits
EDST 111 Education Issues and Problems1 4
EDST 225 School and Representation in Film2 4
Subject Area Elective in Major (100 or 200 level) 4

1 Social Science CORE Education

2 US: DIA CORE Education

Upper Division — 24 Credits

course and Title Credits
SPED 411 Foundations of Disability 3

SPED 420 Applied Experience in Special Education – Prerequisite SPED 411
(Formerly SPED 406 – if you completed and passed SPED 406, you do not need to take SPED 420)

LING 444 Second Language Acquisition 4
Subject Area Elective in Major (300 or 400 level) 4
EDST 420 Living in a Stratified Society EDST 420 is prerequisite for all Equal Opportunity Courses 4

Equal Opportunity Courses (Choose 2):

course and Title Credits
EDST 410 Indigenous Values in Education  4
EDST 450 Food and Schools 4
EDST 451 Teaching for Climate Activism 4
EDST 452 Poverty and Education 4
EDST 453 Racism and Education  4
EDST 454 Patriarchy and Education 4
EDST 455 Heteronormativity and Education 4
EDST 456 Decolonization and Education 4
EDST 457 Immigration, Diaspora, and Education Schools  4

Successful completion of the Certificate in Educational Foundations: Secondary major results in waiving the following courses in UOTeach:

course and Title Credits
SPED 511 Foundations of Disability 3
EDST 614 Cultural Context in Education 4
LT 629 Foundations in Language Theory -