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Prospective Students


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UO College of Education
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For questions, please contact a specific academic program, or if you have a general question, please contact

Explore human potential at the UO College of Education

You're here because you believe in people and science. You know that working with children and families offers immeasurable intrinsic rewards. You believe that research can improve the lives of ordinary (and extraordinary) people.
We're with you.

The UO College of Education is one of the top research institutions in the country, but what rankings don't tell you is the value of an education in one of the COE disciplines. You will learn theory, and you will put it into practice — early and often. You'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with global leaders in their field. Rich partnerships in the Eugene/Springfield community and beyond will help you form the relationships you need to find work in your field. It won't be easy, but whether you enter practice or pursue a research path, you'll be more than ready — you'll be great.

Becoming a student

There are three primary steps to becoming a student at the College of Education:

  1. Apply to the University of Oregon (not required for some endorsements)

  2. Follow the application process for your program

  3. Apply for financial aid and/or scholarships