Apply to the Quantitative Research Methods in Education Program

Application Deadline

Early Application

Applications Open: Open Now!
Application Deadline: January 3, 2022

Extended Application

Applications Open: January 4, 2022
Application Deadline: March 4, 2022

    All materials, including letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores must be uploaded by the appropriate deadlines. PhD admissions occur once annually.

    Acceptance Rates

    Each year we admit a small, selective cohort. Our target cohort size is 2–6 students depending on the qualifications of the applicants and availability of faculty to advise.

    Application Instructions

    Complete the online Graduate Admission Application. Select Quantitative Research Methods in Education as your major within the College of Education.

    Nonrefundable Application Fee: $70 (Domestic Students)/$90 (International Students), paid by credit card or eCheck. You will need to pay the application fee before you are able to submit the application.

    • You do not need to complete the online application in one sitting.
    • You will be able to log in and work on different sections of your application until your payment is made or the application deadline passes.

     You will be required to upload the following documents as part of your GradWeb application: 

    Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

    Your vitae should include the following information, beginning with most recent education, including degree and institution (with dates of graduation):

    • Work experiences in education
    • Presentations at conferences or workshops
    • Publications, if any
    • Organizational affiliations
    • Any other relevant professional information

    Four References or Letters of Recommendation

    • As part of your online application, you will be asked to provide contact information for individuals who can help determine your potential for success in a graduate program.
    • Individuals who have had previous opportunities to supervise or evaluate your work are the best candidates to write these letters.
    • Upon submission of a completed application, GradWeb will email a request and instructions to referees to log in to the GradWeb system and provide their answers to a series of questions and optionally upload supplemental letters of recommendation.

    You also need to provide the following items:

    Goal Statement

    • The goal statement is a key document in the application process
    • This is your opportunity to describe your purpose in pursuing a graduate degree in education
    • Your statement should discuss:
      •  Any personal skills and experiences that explain your aspirations for graduate study
      • How your work, experience, and goals directly relate to the expertise of the Department of Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership faculty
        • Doctoral applicants in particular should consider which faculty members they would like to work with and discuss how applicants' goals relate to their research and teaching.
        • Successful applications reflect alignment between potential program of study and the expertise of the faculty in supporting this program of study.

    Scholarly Writing Sample(s)

    A writing sample allows faculty to ascertain an applicant's skill in writing technical arguments that articulate a perspective and provide supportive logic.

    • Select and respond to an article from an educational journal related to your area of interest in education.
    • Endorse or refute the article in a manner that displays logic, clarity of thought and writing, and an understanding of the issue(s) anchored to your perspective.
    • The writing sample should demonstrate your ability to analyze, synthesize, and critically reflect on information.
      • It should display strong independent thinking and excellent writing skills.
    • The writing sample should be about 8–10 pages long, double-spaced.

    In addition to the writing sample above, students have the option to submit one or more additional samples of scholarly writing (e.g., course papers, articles, essays).

    Official Transcript

    You are required to send an official set of transcripts to the UO Registrar's Office.

    • Official paper transcripts should be mailed to the following address:

      Office of the Registrar
      5257 University of Oregon
      Eugene, OR 97403

    • If your school provides official electronic transcripts, they may be emailed to, but the UO cannot accept electronic transcripts directly from the applicant.

    International Students

    International Students only must also provide the following: