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Welcome Message from the University of Oregon College of Education Dean, Randy Kamphaus

University of Oregon College of Education Dean RWK​​The University of Oregon College of Education is thriving as one of the best colleges of education in the world. I am particularly eager to see you, because you enrich our community with your ideas, traditions, and points of view. You should expect to take courses with a world-class faculty and obtain a degree that is respected worldwide, and leads to new career and life opportunities. Our hiring of a new staff member, Kylie Post (pictured below) is reflective of our commitment to your success.

In addition to Kylie’s appointment, we have reinvigorated our instruction, added new technology to our Lokey and HEDCO buildings, hired wonderful new staff and faculty, expanded our HEDCO Clinic, and created a safe and sanitary environment.

Wishing everyone a wonderful academic year, Dean Randy Kamphaus

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Kylie Post, Interim Program Coordinator, COE International Students

Meet Kylie Yihua Post, Interim Program Coordinator

As an immigrant to the United States herself, Kylie strives to help international students and scholars navigate their academic life and achieve their goals at the University of Oregon and beyond.

Since 2013, she has been involved with various international programs, projects and grants under the umbrellas of College of Education and the Division of Global Engagement. Her work has promoted mutual understanding of educational systems, faculty teaching and research partnership, student exchanges and other educational cooperation between the University of Oregon and its global peers.

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5 Continents, 27 Countries

We have International Students all over the world. 

Our international student scholars are represented across nearly all of our undergraduate and graduate programs. At the undergraduate level, the educational foundations program is the most popular degree program and, at the graduate level, special education and our new prevention science programs are the most common choices.

For international scholars studying at the university at-large, they are able to benefit from the expertise of our faculty by taking courses offered by the College of Education or by enrolling in one of our undergraduate minor or certificate programs.

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University of Oregon College of Education Kylie Yihua Post Interim Program Coordinator

International Student Town Hall

Didn't get a chance to attend our International Student Town Hall? That's ok, we've got you covered! Here's a short video of our Dean, Randy Kamphaus as he introduces Kylie Yihua Post, Interim Program Coordinator for the COE international student scholars.

Watch the Town Hall*

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International Students Welcome Event

A small group of international graduates and undergraduates from the College of Education joined the welcome event hosted by Dean Randy Kamphaus and Kylie Yihua Post, Interim Program Coordinator of International Student Recruitment and Retention, on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Basked in the warm afternoon sunshine, the group enjoyed greeting and re-connecting with each other in the COE courtyard. Dean Kamphause welcomed everyone and expressed commitment of continued support to the international student community. Though facing some unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, our international students have demonstrated positive and resilient spirits. The participants were from China, Vietnam, Yeman, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Columbia and Canada.  

University of Oregon College of Education International Students with Dean Kamphaus

Resources for International Students

Incoming International Students

Welcome to the University of Oregon! Here are some timely events and helpful resources on campus are available to our new “Ducks”:

Corona Corps Join UO in leading the charge to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community

Success in Online Learning Learn all of the skills necessary for online learning in one flexible asynchronous platform

Get Ready for Your (Global) Career Be strides ahead of your peers as you build foundational skills for career competitiveness in a global context

Seminar Series: Local Perspectives on Global Issues Engage in small groups with UO faculty, graduate students, and experts from around the world to discuss key issues facing our global and local communities 

2021-2022 ISSS Scholarships and Financial Aid Learn about financial aid options offered by the ISSS and their application requirements & deadlines for the 2021-22 academic year.


Continuing International Students

Welcome back! Your continuing academic and professional success are important to us. Here are some opportunities and events that would help maximize your current learning experience:

The Division of Global Engagement connects the University of Oregon to the world through wide-ranging support for our international students and scholars, by enriching study abroad and international internship programs, and through more than a dozen global research centers and programs led by faculty.

Learn more about the University of Oregon Division of Global Engagment.

UO Division of Global Engagement

“We equally value our entire community of students, scholars, professors, and staff. We need to look out for each other, care for each other as human beings, and realize that this virus knows no boundaries. It doesn’t care what country we are from, or notice our race or ethnicity or religion. We know we will be safer and healthier as a community if we treat everyone with respect and fairness.”

- Patrick Phillips, Provost and Senior Vice President, University of Oregon

Learn More About the University of Oregon Response to COVID-19

To learn more about the Division of Global Engagement, email or call 541-346-3206. For general questions or concerns about anything related to the university and its response to COVID-19, please submit this web form.