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Applying to the University

UO Admissions

Please visit UO Admissions for information about application and admission to the University of Oregon on the UO Admissions website. You can also research housing options and application requirements.

Application to a graduate level degree or certificate program is initiated through the specific major or program of study.

Applying to COE Programs

Depending on the program you want to enter, you may need to apply to the individual College of Education program as well as to the university. Find your academic, licensure, or endorsement program to see which applications may be available online or in print through program offices.

Graduate students apply to both the academic program and to the UO Graduate School. Contact your desired program of study if you have any questions.

Applying for Financial Support

UO Financial Aid

Please visit UO Financial Aid to learn about applying for scholarships and financial aid available through the university and external and federal aid sources.

A separate form is required for COE student scholarships and awards.

College of Education Scholarships

Please visit our scholarships page for details.