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Pre-FHS Volunteer Opportunities

Pre-FHS Volunteer Opportunities with Children, Adults and Families

In order to apply to the FHS major:

  • You will need to have recent and relevant experiences that demonstrate your competence for work in human services.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with at least 60 hours of experience, within the last 7 years, through an agency or organized activity.
  • You will also need a letter of recommendation from a person who has directly observed or supervised you in a human services setting.
  • Be sure that your volunteer or paid experience is long enough for your supervisor or organization coordinator to write a letter of recommendation for you.
  • Students apply to the FHS major winter term of their sophomore year, so you will need to begin volunteering/working soon enough to gain the necessary experience and request a recommendation. You should plan to begin your volunteer or work experience no later than the summer between your freshman and sophomore years.

On this page, we have provided a list of opportunities and organizations that serve local children, adults and families. If you have any questions about the suitability of a volunteer opportunity, please email Christi Boyter, FHS Advisor, at, before you begin volunteering.

Practicing Professionalism for FHS Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Communicate with one contact person at a time.
2. Let them know that you are a Pre-FHS student.  Do NOT merely state that you are an FHS student—this implies a different level of expectation for the coursework you’ve completed and your readiness for human service work.
3. After you confirm a volunteer position with agreed upon hours:
- Complete any criminal background check if it is required of the organization.
- Be on time and turn off cell phones during your volunteering.
- Communicate with your supervisor in a professional manner.
- Have a great time working with community members!

Community Agencies Serving Adults & Families

Campbell Senior Center (City of Eugene)
Population: senior support
Contact: Thomas Powers
Tel: (541) 682-5318

Centro Latino Americano
Population: community support
Contact: Trevor Whitbread
Tel: (541) 687-2667

Eugene Mission
Population: homeless advocacy
Contact: Tabitha Eck
Tel: (541) 344-3251 Ext. # 160

Food For Lane County
Population: community support
Contact: Sheyla Norte
Tel: (541) 343-2822

HIV Alliance
Population: addiction education prevention
Contact: Patti Hansen
Tel: (541) 342-5088 Ext. # 116

Population: disability access education
Tel: (541) 684-4263
Sexual Assault Support Services of Lane County –Population: community support
Contact: Shanta Kamath
Tel: (541) 484-9791

Community & School Programs Serving Children

Adams Elementary
Population: K-12 education
Contact: Judy Piper
Tel: (541) 914-5313

Bertha Holt Elementary
Population: K-12 special education
Contact: Joy Zuidmulder-Goss
Tel: (541) 790-6100

Birth To Three – Parenting Now!
Population: parent education
Contact: Wendy Codding
Tel: (541) 484-5316

Boys and Girls Club of Emerald Valley
Population: youth mentoring
Contact: Tanner Layton
Tel: (541) 345-9939

Early Childhood CARES
Population: early intervention
Contact: Jeanine Taylor
Tel: (541) 735-1766

Emerald Valley KIDSPORTS
Population: youth sports
Contact: Beth Nitkowski
Tel: (541) 683-2374 Ext. # 111

Eugene Family Resource Center – North Eugene High School
Population: community support
Contact: Kelly McGhehey
Tel: (541) 790-4442

Family Relief Nursery of Cottage Grove
Population: early intervention
Contact: Cindy Vitelli
Email: or
Tel: (541) 942-4835

Freedom Resource Clinic
Population: community support, child care
Contact: Meredith Holley
Tel:  (541) 484-2434

Head Start of Lane County (various sites)
Population: early intervention
Contact: Sally Pope
Tel: (541) 747-2425 Ext. # 1270

Hosea Youth Services
Population: homeless youth services
Contact: Tauna Nelson
Tel: (541) 344-5583

Malabon Family Resource Center
Population: community support
Contact: Anne Johnstone-Diaz
Email: or
Tel: (541) 461-6421 Ext. # 2539

Promise Neighborhoods
Population: education, after-school program
Contact: Deanna Belcher
Tel: (541) 346-8285

Relief Nursery
Population: early intervention
Contact: Amy Beauchamp
Tel: (541) 343-9706 Ext. # 104

Roosevelt Middle School
Population: middle school guidance counseling
Contact: Casey Tiemann
Tel: (541) 790-4442

South Eugene High School Learning Center (SPED Department/Transitions Class)
Population: special education
Contact: Brian Naghski
Tel: (541) 790-8000

Springfield Dos Rios Elementary
Population: education
Contact: Sandy Farber
Tel: (541) 747-3331

Springfield Family Resource Center – Brattain House
Population: community support
Contact: Janet Beckman
Tel: (541) 744-6769

Springfield High School
Population: education
Contact: Gene Chism
Tel: (541) 744-4700

Springfield Indian Education Programs
Population: Indian Education
Contact: Michelle Jensen
Tel: (541) 726-3215

Springfield Public Schools Community Transition Program
Population: special education
Contact: Sally Mann
Tel: (541) 501-3571

St. Vincent de Paul – First Place Family Center
Population: family support homelessness
Contact: Diana Wise
Tel: (541) 342-7728

Willamette High School
Population: education
Contact: Mindy LeRoux
Tel: (541) 461-6401

Youth For Christ
Population: faith based community support
Contact: Hunter Gray
Tel: (541) 686-9225

University of Oregon Based Programs (On-Campus)

Accessible Education, University of Oregon
Population: higher education
Contact: UO Career Center

Early Childhood CARES
Population: early intervention
Contact: Jeanine Taylor
Tel: (541) 735-1766

Safe Ride
Population: community support
Contact: Carol Crum
Email: Safe Ride

Tel: (541) 346-7433

Student Food Pantry
Population:  community support
Contact: Rev. Doug Hale

Tel: (541) 654-1020

University of Oregon – LGBTQ Educational and Support Program
Population: LGBTQ education and support
Contact: Maure Smith-Benanti
Tel: (541) 346-6105

University of Oregon – Men’s Center
Population: campus based community support
Tel: (541) 346-0743

University of Oregon Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team
Population: prevention and education
Contact: Abigail Leeder
Tel: (541) 346-1198

Vivian Olum Child Development Center (UO)
Population: child development
Contact: Amy Ripley
Tel: (541) 346-658