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Apply to UOTeach

The UOTeach Curriculum & Teaching application for the 2018-19 school year is OPEN through January 15, 2018. All applications are for the June Summer 2018 program start.
Application Steps:
  1. Click the "Apply to UOTeach 2018" button below to link to Grad School application system
  2. Each user will need to “Create” a Grad Web user account
  3. Applicants will need to scrol down to College of Education and select "Curriculum & Teaching - UOTeach" Master's degree program for "Summer 2018"
  4. The application consists of several sections: Personal Information, Academic History, References, and Departmental App
  5. All materials must be uploaded prior to submission
  6. The application fee is $70 (*see waiver criteria below) / $90 for international applicants


What Makes a Strong Applicant?

UOTeach aims to attract and admit highly qualified candidates to the licensure program, giving special attention to the current personnel needs of schools and actively recruiting from under-represented groups. As a State  approved program, UOTeach adheres to TSPC, University, and College of Education standards. Admissions is competitive. Applicants are scored on the criteria listed below. Higher scores lead to a higher likelihood of acceptance to the program. When applying, it is best to explain any areas that might not meet these expectations. 

Admissions Standards and Requirements:

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above is preferred. While we understand that students can have an occasional bad term, we also need to be assured that college work can be completed consistently. To calculate major or subject area cumulative GPA categories, use the attached GPA worksheet or go to the UO Registrar's GPA Calculator page. Applicants with GPA below a 3.0 are given space to explain.

Work with Youth

It is important that appicants are able to demonstrate aptitude, experience, and interest in working with school age youth. Experiences can be volunteer or paid (see list of some local opportunities). Applicants are asked to document the organizations they have worked with, their supervisors contact information, the type of work they did, and length of their experience (total hours).

Tell us About Yourself in a Statement of Purpose

Our academic and professional mission is to educate anti-oppressive and culturally sustaining elementary and secondary school teachers to have a lasting impact on the learning and lives of youth. As such we believe in the following ideals:
1. Excellence in teaching requires teachers to have a strong foundation in relevant subject matter knowledge.
2. Excellence in teaching requires in depth knowledge of the social, cultural and political context of learning, teaching, and schooling.
3. Excellence in teaching requires a teacher who helps students make the critical connections between the socio-cultural context of their lives and the relevant subject matter.

In a concise 500-word essay, provide us with a brief understanding of who you are and how your philosophy of education is related to the mission of UOTeach. Your statement of purpose must be written by you alone and represent your original work. The selection committee will carefully consider both the content and the writing in their assessment of your candidacy.

Your essay should include:
1. A statement of the skills, knowledge, or abilities you bring with you and how you believe you will inspire student learning and or contribute to the field of education.
2. Significant aspects of your background, personal qualities, experiences and/or convictions, particularly as they enhance your potential to work with diverse students.
3. How you plan to use the graduate program to advance your career objectives.

Prerequisites & TESTS
Preparatory Course Work
  • Applicants to the Elementary Multiple Subject strand are not required to major in Education however they must demonstrate that they can successfully complete all prerequisites or equivalents prior to the June start date. No Elementary student will be allowed to begin the program without all prerequisites completed.
  • Middle/High School strand applicants must demonstrate upper-level academic aptitude for the subject area they are applying and submit a passing subject area entrance test.

Required ORELA Entrance Tests**

Applicants who have passing ORELA scores by the application deadline (January 15) have an advantage over other applicants who are still working on passing the test. Applicants who are conditionally admitted, will technically have till June 15 to submit passing scores.

1.) Elementary applicants with cumulative undergraduate GPA of below 3.0 are required to complete the (math, writing, & reading) NES Basic Skill entrance tests as part of their application for the licensure program. Test score results should be uploaded in as pdf.

2.) Mid-High strand applicants should upload the results of their content area ORELA Subject Test to the application and request ORELA send results to the UO COE.

Looking for study materials? The UO Library has ORELA study guides. Materials can also be requested through the library Summit network system. At the UO go to UO Kight library and type Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments in the Library Search. If books are not available on campus, you can “Place a Summit Request” through the  Interlibrary Loan(ILL). If you have questions call 541-346-3055 email to Books are typically available for 6 days.

Scores obtained after the application should be email to as soon as possible.

** See NES Financial Aid testing fee waiver.

NEW admission requirement - effective 9/29/17 UOTeach applicant are required to submit ONE of the following standardized assessment documents: ACT, SAT, GRE, or Praxis Core. The test date and score will not affect your admissions status, however we ask that you submit your best score. If you are unable to get a copy by January 15, please explain your plan for submitting your test results in the application. Admitted applicants will have until June 1, 2018 to email a valid test result.

Below are links that may help you request your test results:

Three Professional References

When requesting people to serve as your references, please contact them early so they have time to respond and let them know that you will be applying simultaneously to the UOTeach program and graduate scholarships.

UOTeach Application: You will need to provide the contact information of three professional references, at least one reference should be able to speak to your experience working with youth. It is important that references (employers or others) can attest to your personal character, leadership skills, and respond questions related to their experience working with you.

Once you have "saved" the information on the Reference page, your references will be emailed a link to the GradWeb online fill-in-the-blank, short answer reference form. It’s somewhat common for the emails to be sent to the spam/junk folder and even more common for the request to be overlooked in recommender Inbox’s. GradWeb will email you confirmations and log the status of each of your references. You are also able to send reminders. References must complete the form prior to the January deadline.

Scholarship References: to help you apply for Student Funding, we encourage you to ask these same references to provide you with a letter of recommendation you can use for scholarship applications. All applicants are encouraged to apply to the College of Education Scholarship program. 

Moral Character

As part of a candidate’s declaration of possessing strong moral character, a commitment to the profession, vow not to harm children, and commit to educational excellence, the application includes an Evidence of Good Moral Character questionnaire. Admitted students will complete this same questionnaire in the Oregon TSPC criminal background clearance process during summer orientation. Candidates unable to obtain State clearance will have their admission revoked prior to the start of fall term. For more information see the Standards for competent and ethical performance of Oregon Educators.

a) Application Transcript

Please prepare pdf copies of your transcripts for uploading into the Department Section of the graduate application. Make sure your FULL NAME is listed, it is reader friendly, and each transcript is all in one pdf document. 

b) University Office of Admissions Transcript

Non-UO alumni must send an official transcript to the Office of Admissions, from each institution attended. If your degree institutions offers official electronic copies you may have them sent your transcripts directly to (link sends e-mail). These are subject to review and verification of authenticity.

Office of Admissions, 1217 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1217 | 541.346.3201 or 800-BE-A-DUCK (800.232.3825)

Post submission please send transcripts to the Graduate School, 170 Susan Campbell Hall, 1219 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1219

Application Fee Waiver - The Graduate School provides need-based fee waivers to several different applicant groups, including participants in undergraduate research programs for minority students (including McNair Scholars); participants in service-based organizations; and active members, reservists, or veterans of the U.S. armed services. More details here:

Admissions - Document Resources Library