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Special Education Master's Degree

Minimum requirements for the general master's degree in Special Education include:
  • 45 credits as an officially admitted master’s degree student
 --15 credit hours may be transferred into your program pending advisor approval
  • 9 credit hours of 600 level courses
  • 30 graduate hours in (SPED) special education courses
  • 24 graded hours in UO courses
  • Terminal activity selected from one of the following options:
        Early Intervention emphasis only         
          --Oral Comprehensive Exam
        General, Elementary, Secondary emphasis          
           --Master’s Project (3)
           --Thesis (9)
           --Specialization Area (3 graduate courses of 
           at least 9 credits; requires a minimum of 51 total

Required Coursework

Note: The Special Education & Clinical Sciences Department  offers programs leading to special education initial teaching licenses or add-on endorsements in Early Intervention  (Birth-Grade 4), or in Special Education K-12 . Consult the required coursework for each program. Special Education Question and Answers clarifies the distinctions between master's degree, teaching license, endorsement, and authorization. Minimum requirements for the master's degree are satisfied from the following:

Foundations (choose one course)
SPED 511   Foundations of Disability I (3) Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer
SPED 680  Foundations in Early Childhood & Early Intervention (3)  Fall
Behavioral Support (2 courses)
SPED 526   Behavior & Classroom Management (4) Fall/Summer
SPED 536   Advanced Behavior Management (3) Winter
Curriculum & Instruction (choose 2 courses)
Early Intervention emphasis:
SPED 681   Family-Guided EI  (3)  Winter
SPED 682   Assessment & Evaluation  (3)  Winter
SPED 683   Curriculum ECh & EI  (3)  Spring
Elementary emphasis:
SPED 540   Early Literacy for Diverse Learners (4) Fall
SPED 541   Intermediate Literacy for Diverse Learners (4) Winter
SPED 522   Special Education Math Instruction (4) Spring

Secondary emphasis:
SPED 633 Transition Planning & Instruction I
SPED 542   Adolescent Literacy for Diverse Learners (4) Spring
SPED 634 Transition Planning & Instruction II
General Master's:
SPED 660   Design of Instruction (4) Fall
SPED 610   Assessment in Special Education  (3)  Fall
Legal Issues (choose one course)
SPED 410/510  Special Education Law
EDLD 627   Law and Governance (4) Fall/Spring/Summer
Multicultural (1 course)
SPED 410/510  Diversity & Special Education (3) Summer
Field Studies
Master's Only
SPED 606   Field Studies (3) Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer

Early Intervention, Elementary, or Secondary licensure
SPED 609   Practicum (3) Fall/Winter/Spring
Research (choose 1 course)
EDUC 611   Survey of Educational Research Methods (4) Fall/Winter/Summer
EDUC 612   Social Science Research Methods (4) Fall/Winter