Accelerated Master’s in Special Education

Accelerated Master’s in Special Education

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Do you enjoy engaging with young children with disabilities and their families? 

Plan ahead to earn your master’s in early intervention/early childhood special education faster and more affordably! Take special education coursework and field experiences during junior and senior years and reserve specific courses for graduate credit to participate in the EI/ECSE accelerated master’s program.

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To apply for the Accelerated Master’s in Special Education, students must:

  • Complete at least 1 credit of SPED 406*, and SPED 407, and 411 (5/7 required credits) with a minimum grade of “B-” or P. (*or have a Petition to Waiver on file w/ the SPED program coordinator).






SPED 411 Foundations of Disability 1
[3; offered F, W, S, Su]

SPED 406 Field Studies Special
Education [3, offered F, W, S]




SPED 407 Seminar Special Education
Minor [1; offered F, W, S]



*2 SPED Minor elective courses [min 6 credits; taken any term; please see SPED Minor program plan for list of elective courses.




SPED 540 Early Literacy for Diverse Learners [4] (Reserve for Graduate Credit)

SPED 528 Law [3]

SPED 526 Behavior and Classroom Management [4; offered F, W, S, Su]


SPED 680 Foundations in Early Childhood & EI [3]

SPED 682 Assessment & Evaluation in EI/ECSE [3] 

SPED 683 Curriculum in ECE & EI [3]


EDUC 611 Survey Education Research Methods [3]

SPED 681 Early Intervention for Diverse Families [3]

SPED 689 EI Methods III [3]


SPED 687 EI Methods I [3]

SPED 688 EI Methods II [3]

SPED 625 Final Supervised Field Experience [9]


SPED 611 EI Practicum I [3]

SPED 612 EI Practicum II [3]

SPED 693 Professional Practices in EI III [1]


SPED 691 Professional Practices in EI I [1]

SPED 692 Professional Practices in EI II [1]


  • Schedule a meeting with the SPED EI/ECSE Licensure Program coordinator to discuss and begin the application process.
  • Submit a professional goal statement and two letters of recommendation.
  • Complete a Character Questionnaire (required for licensure).
  • Schedule an initial interview and advising meeting with the SPED EI/ECSE Licensure Program coordinator to develop a program plan and discuss expectations.
  • All admitted students must have a signed program plan and verification of Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) Background check (required for licensure).
  • Students are only required to submit the Graduate School Application (department application waived).
  • Must be in good standing and have recommendation of program and practicum coordinators to continue with licensure.
  • Reserved graduate credits must be taken for a letter grade, earn B- or better (SPED 540, SPED 528, SPED 526).
  • Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all graduate courses taken in the license program and are required to earn a B or better in all core EI/ECSE courses (SPED 680, SPED 681, SPED 682, SPED 683, SPED 687, SPED 688, SPED 689).

Printable Sample Course Plan