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The admissions process is competitive. Each of the 7 potential faculty advisers takes on 1-2 new students annually, to begin fall term. Applicants typically have a background in psychology or education, possess second language skills, and have had cultural immersion experiences. Applicants may have either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree when they apply to the program. Some background in psychology is preferred, but neither a Bachelor’s nor Master’s degree in psychology is required. See Admissions for application procedures.

We select doctoral students after thoroughly reviewing applicant qualifications. We do select students based on research interest match between the applicant and current faculty members' research agendas. However, we select candidates first who will be a strong overall fit within our community of scholars – students who share our program goals, philosophy, and vision – and second, based on the applicant's common research interest with the scholarship of one or more of the faculty. Faculty do not individually select doctoral advisees directly to work in their “research lab.” Student selection is always made by consensus of the entire Counseling Psychology faculty based on the applicant's overall program match and readiness for doctoral study.