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EdF Admissions

The Educational Foundations (EdF) major is a cohort learning experience.  This means students are admitted as a cohort (or class) and together will complete the Educational Foundations program of study during their junior and senior years. Students apply during the winter term of their sophomore year to begin as juniors the following fall.

2018 Educational Foundations Application

All applications are due by 5:00 pm on January 19, 2018.

To begin, read all of the information on this web page and download the Application Instructions.

You will then be ready to begin the Educational Foundations Application.
NOTE: Carefully follow the instructions to set up your account and log in for the first time.
DO NOT PAY TO SET UP A TK20 ACCOUNT - Applicant accounts are free!

All items listed below will be needed to complete the application:
1. PDF or Word document of your admissions essay - The Educational Foundations program is looking for students who will bring diverse identities, experiences, and viewpoints to the EdF learning environment. Explain how you will bring diversity to our learning community in 500-600 words.
2. Current UO students: PDF of your degree guide that includes Fall 2017 classes and grades
3. Transfer students: PDF of your transcript including Fall 2017 classes and grades

Application information sessions (ABC's of EdF) will be held on the following dates: 10/17, 10/24, 11/3, 11/7, 11/10, 11/28, and 1/9. All sessions begin at 4:00 in 119 Lokey Education. Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a session.

Applicants must arrange for academic and experience with children recommendation to be completed and returned to EdF by the application due date. You may download the forms below. Please follow the instructions carefully. Allow at least 3 weeks for your recommenders to complete and return their forms to EdF.



IMPORTANT If you are requesting an academic recommendation from a UO faculty member or instructor, you must complete and provide a UO Reference Request Form along with your recommendation form. If you are emailing your rec forms, you may type your name in the signature box. By doing so, you agree that your typed name acts as your signature and acknowledges that you understand and accept the terms of the form.


Q: What if I will complete WR 122 in the Winter or Spring of this year? May I still apply?
A: YES!  You have a plan to finish the WR requirement by the time you begin the major as a Junior. 

Q: What if I haven’t completed 50 credit hours by the time of the application deadline? May I still apply?
A: YES!  During the admissions process, we will review your academic history and get an understanding of your plan for future terms. 

Q: What if I don’t have the minimum required GPA at this time, but my recent grades show significant improvement. May I still apply?
A: YES!  We are interested in all of your application materials.  The GPA is one part of this - but not the entire story of your experiences at UO or what is to come.

Q: What if I don’t yet have my volunteer experience with children during my college years? May I still apply?
A: No, because if you start your volunteer experience with children in Winter 2018, you won’t be able to get your letter of recommendation for experience with children in time.

Q: Does my volunteer experience with children count in the college summer months, such as the summer between my high school graduation and starting my first term in college?
A: Yes, this experience is after high school. It will count. Just make sure that your letter of recommendation for experience with children is not from your volunteer experience while in high school.

Q: I haven’t yet asked one of my instructors for a letter of recommendation. I was going to do this in January 2018. Is that ok?
A: You should ask your instructor for a letter of recommendation NOW.  If you wait until Week 1, that may not be enough time for them to write the recommendation.


  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens October 1, 2017 to apply for 2018-19 financial aid.
  • 2018-19 College of Education Scholarships
  • DEADLINE: 4 PM, January 19, 2018 The College of Education scholarship program provides a significant number of donor-supported awards to COE students. Most awards are from $1,500–$10,000. In 2017-18, approximately $670,000 was designated for student support.Students currently applying for EdF but not yet accepted at the time of the deadline should still submit their scholarship application for consideration, pending acceptance into the program. Scholarship decisions will be made prior to the end of March 2018.
  • UO Financial Aid
  • Diversity Excellence Scholarship


Admissions Podcast

 Professor Alison Schmitke

In this podcast, Dr. Alison Schmitke (EdF Director) explains who is eligible to apply to the EdF program and the categories used by the EdF admissions committee to review applications used by the EdF admissions committee to review applications.

Podcast Audio

Podcast Text



Preparing for Application

Because admission to the Educational Foundations major is somewhat competitive, with an average acceptance rate of 75%, we recommend that students begin preparing as early as they can. In addition to signing up for the pre-education major and meeting regularly with the EdF advisor, potential applicants should carefully look at the requirements below and make sure they are on track to complete them by winter term of sophomore year. 

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply to the Educational Foundations major:

  • Applicants will have completed a minimum of 50 quarter credits by the time of application.
  • Applicants will have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.
  • Applicants will have completed WR 121 and 122 or 123
  • Applicants will have completed a field experience (employment or volunteer) of at least 30 hours with children and/or youth in a professional setting during their community college or university enrollment and will obtain a recommendation from the supervisor of that experience prior to the admission deadline. Examples include:
    • Employment at a location such as Vivian Olum, Moss Street, or Co-op Family Center.
    • Volunteer at a local school or a community agency such as the YMCA or the Boys and Girls Club.
    • PHIL 372 Teaching Children Philosophy (4) (W)
    • More Volunteer Opportunities

NOTE: In addition to the requirements above, international students must meet English language proficiency requirements by either option A or B.

Option A: Test Score (AEIS Exempt). You must meet the score criteria for one of the below tests:
TOEFL (Internet) 88-120
TOEFL (Paper) 575-677
IELTS 7.0-9.0

Option B: Completion of all required AEIS courses

Application files of students who do not meet the above requirements may not be reviewed. Students whose files are not reviewed will be advised to re-apply when they have met the above requirements.

It is recommended (not required!) that all applicants have completed three out of six science courses from the list in the EDF Program of Study and two or three of the following Pre-Ed courses:

  • EDST 111
  • EDST 220 
  • EDST 225
  • EDST 231 or PHIL 372
  • EDST 471-472 or MATH 211-213

Important: If you are not currently a University of Oregon student, you must also apply for admissions to the University of Oregon. Please visit for complete information including deadlines and instructions.

Have you downloaded the instructions? CLICK HERE to begin the Educational Foundations Application!