Transfer Students

The CDS program welcomes transfer students from both two year and four year colleges. The major can typically be finished in two years, making it a viable major for students completing their first two years at a community college.

Community college students planning to transfer are encouraged to work with their college advisors in order to plan their course of study and meet the general education requirements of the University. Students in Oregon transferring with the AAOT will have met their writing and general education requirements (at a minimum). Students outside Oregon or those attending a different, four year college can determine how their courses transfer by using the transfer course equivalencies tool. Regardless of background, junior transfer students typically have additional university requirements to complete for graduation. There is time in the two year CDS sequence to complete other coursework (see the program plan).

While planning their general education coursework, students should include area B requirements for the CDS major (statistics; biological, physical, and social/behavioral sciences - see page 2 of the program plan). You may use a single course for both general education and major requirements. For example, if you took Psychology 202, this would count for the social science group requirement, and for the area B social/behavioral science requirement for CDS. Psychology 202 is recommended as it meets a prerequisite for another course; otherwise, there are no specific courses required in area B. Rather, courses just need to be in the areas of study listed (e.g., physics or chemistry for physical science).

Transfer students are encouraged to visit the university if possible and make an appointment with undergraduate director Karen McLaughlin to discuss the major and any questions you may have. Questions can also be answered through email or phone.