Graduate Prep Coursework in Communication Disorders and Sciences

How to Apply

The communication disorders and sciences (CDS) program also offers graduate preparation coursework for students with a previous bachelor’s degree who wish to pursue graduate work in speech pathology or audiology. 

By taking the CDS grad preparation courses, students are able to complete prerequisite CDS coursework for entry into an SLP master’s program (required for entry level into the profession) and subsequent national certification/ licensure. Completion of the CDS grad prep courses prepares students for graduate school and generally makes them more appealing to graduate program admissions committees across the country. There is no guarantee that, upon completion of coursework, a student will be admitted to the CDS master’s program.

Graduate prep courses at the University of Oregon are taken through the non-degree seeking program and students do not need to go through the formal University of Oregon admissions process. This is not a degree-granting program; rather it allows students to take up to 8 credits per term during fall, winter, and spring terms and up to 16 credits during summer term.

Program Plan

Nearly anyone can enroll in regular UO classes through the non-degree seeking program. Formal admission is not required and you may register for up to 8 credits per term during fall, winter, and spring terms, and more during summer term. By taking certain undergraduate CDS courses through the non-degree seeking program, students complete prerequisite coursework needed for graduate school and certification/licensure without being formally admitted into a degree-granting program. 

The following courses are recommended because they are prerequisite courses expected by most graduate programs. Optional courses are typically not required by graduate programs but may help prepare you for graduate school and future clinical experiences.

Fall Term

course and Title CREDITS
Recommended Courses  
CDS 442 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism 4
CDS 458 Audiological Disorders/Treatment 4
Optional Courses  
CDS 460 Developmental Disorders 4

Winter Term

course and Title CREDITS
Recommended Courses  
CDS 450 Intro to Language Development  4
CDS 470 Neuroscience of Speech and Language 4
Optional Courses  
CDS 455 Child and Adolescent Development 4

Spring Term

course and Title CREDITS
Recommended Courses  
CDS 444 Clinical Phonetics 4
CDS 457 Fundamentals of Audiology 4
Optional Courses  
CDS 430 Speech Pathology/Audiology as a Profession (begins clinical observation hours) 2
CDS 431 Beginning Clinical Methods 3
CDS 462 Acquired Disorders of Communication 4

* CDS Courses are offered one time per year in one section. There are no summer or online courses.

The following non-CDS courses are required for ASHA certification. We recommend that you complete these courses before you enter graduate school. They can be taken at any college/university and may be taken pass/no pass, but must be college level courses (100+ level). One course is required in each of the following subjects:

  • Statistics
  • Biological Science: one of the following: biology, general anatomy/physiology, neuroanatomy/neurophysiology, or genetics; courses must have a human or animal focus. Courses with a CDS prefix cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • Physical Science: one of the following: physics or chemistry
  • Behavioral Science: one of the following: psychology, sociology, anthropology, or public health