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Other Added Authorizations & Endorsements

Interested in adding a subject endorsement or authorization level to your license? A current Oregon teaching license is required.

I. Adding an Endorsement Program

  1.  Reading Endorsment (not accepting new applications)
  2.  ESOL Endorsment Program

II. Adding an Authorization Level/ Endorsement

The following are University of Oregon approved study plans for adding a teacher license at a different level.

A. To Add a Subject Area Endorsement as an Oregon Middle-High School Licensed Teacher

The TSPC commission rules for adding subject area endorsement are as follows:

   Step 1:  Provide evidence of a subject method’s course from an approved program
            -  OR Complete an in-school practicum supervised by the employing school.
            -  OR Complete a full licensing program of study for the adding endorsement area.

   Step 2:  Obtain an ORELA score of 220 of better on the subject area exam
   Step 3:  Apply to TSPC for the additional endorsement

B. To Add a Secondary Subject Level Authorization to an Preliminary Elementary License

  1. Provide TSPC with demonstrated evidence of content knowledge via a passing content ORELA/NES exam.
  2. Provide TSPC with evidence of pedagogical knowledge through any ONE of the following

     a. a single (3 or more credit) methods course in the content area
     b. a supervised practicum in a district / supervised by the district
     c.  a full secondary program of study in an approved licensure program

C. To Add an Elementary Endorsement to an Existing Secondary License

  • Prior to application, complete all required prerequisites (see the UOTeach Elementary Program Prerequisite Course Requirements).
  • Take EDST 612 Foundations of Teaching and Learning or EDST 628 Creating Supportive Learning Communities (elementary section) (3 credits)
  • Take the following methods courses:
    EDST 640 – Constructing Meaning through Literacy OR EDST 641 – Developing Thoughtful Literacty Practice (4 credits)
    EDST 642 – Pedagogical Methods in the Humanities (4 credits)
    EDST 643 – Teaching Mathematics: Fact and Inquiry (4 credits)
    EDST 645 – Teaching Science: Detail and Discovery (4 credits)
  • Complete a 3-credit EDST 609 practicum with a work sample
  • Pass the ORELA/NES Elementary Education I&II exam