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Other Added Authorizations & Endorsements

Interested in adding a subject endorsement or authorization level to your license? A current Oregon teaching license is required.

If you are interested in a Reading or ESOL endorsement, please see those pages.

Adding a Subject Endorsement

If you hold a Middle and/or High School license, you can add any of the following subject endorsements: social studies, language arts, science (biology, chemistry, physics, or integrated), math (basic or advanced), or world language (Spanish, French, German, Japanese, or Chinese). 

1.  Prior to application, you must have at least 16 credits of coursework in the subject, of which at least 12 must be upper division (except for basic math) or equivalent experience.
2.  Complete two methods courses in the subject (only offered fall and winter).
3.  Pass the exam in the subject (offered through ORELA/NES).
4.  Once ‘2’ and ‘3’ are completed, complete a 3-credit practicum with a work sample.

Adding an Authorization Level

You can only earn a contiguous authorization; that is, one “next to” your current authorization. For example, if you have Elementary, you can add Early Childhood or Middle School, but not High School (unless you also get the Middle).

A. To Add a Middle Level Authorization to an ECE/Elementary License

  • Prior to application, earn at least 16 credits in a subject area (12 or more upper division except for basic math) or equivalent experience
  • Pass the exam in the subject (offered through ORELA/NES).
  • Take an adolescent psychology class (undergraduate or graduate level).
  • Take EDST 614 Cultural Context of Education (offered summer and fall).
  • Take the two methods courses for the appropriate subject (fall and winter only).
  • Complete a 3-credit practicum with a work sample.

B. To Add a High School Authorization in Addition to a Middle School Authorization

  • Complete all the elements in part A.
  • Complete a supervised 3-credit HS practicum with a work sample.

C. To Add an Elementary Endorsement to an Existing Middle/High School License

  • Prior to application, complete all required prerequisites for UOTeach (see the Program Information Packet for UOTeach).
  • Pass the ORELA/NES Elementary Education exam.
  • Take EDST 628 - Creating Supportive Learning Communities (elementary section) or EDST 610 Foundations of Teaching and Learning.
  • Take the following methods courses:
    EDST 643 – Teaching Mathematics: Fact and Inquiry
    EDST 640 – Constructing Meaning through Literacy OR EDST 641 – Developing Thoughtful Literacty Practice
    EDST 642 – Pedagogical Methods in the Humanities
    EDST 645 – Teaching Science: Detail and Discovery
  • Complete a 3-credit practicum with a work sample.