Single-Subjects Endorsement

Oregon TSPC provides several ways for teachers holding a preliminary teaching license to add additional single subject endorsements. The CTED program can support these educators with the demonstration of both content knowledge (passing score on the Commission-approved subject mastery test or completing Commission-approved coursework) and pedagogical knowledge (Commission-approved subject-specific pedagogy course). Educators who hold a professional teaching license should reach out to to better understand what options are available to them.

Applicants applying as part of a MS degree program will be required to provide a passing score on the appropriate content NES/ORELA exam.  

Applicants applying to take a methods pedagogy course will need faculty approval and current student status.  

Faculty approval requests can be emailed to  

Non-degree seeking students are required to obtain admission either as a Graduate School post-baccalaureate applicantCommunity Education Program application, or through the CTED Stand-Alone Endorsement application.  

Single-Subjects Endorsement Coursework Requirements — Total Credits: 4


  • Oregon Preliminary or Professional Teaching License 

Course Requirements 

Subject area Fall methods course options Winter methods course options
Math (Advanced or Foundational) EDST 621 Concepts  EDST 622 Problem-Solving Curriculum 
Science (Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)  EDST 623 Concepts   EDST 624 Problem-Solving Curriculum 
English Language Arts EDST 631 Literature for Young People EDST 632 Engaging Students in Writing
Social Sciences  EDST 635 Concepts   EDST 636 Inquiry and Analysis 
World Languages (French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish) LT 536 Second Language Teaching Plan EDST 634 Conversation and Composition

 Completion Requirements and Content Testing 

  • Complete required course  
  • Passing NES/ORELA Subject Area Test 
  • Complete an Oregon TSPC e-licensure application