Master of Science in Curriculum and Teacher Education + Endorsement(s) for Oregon Licensure

The master’s degree in curriculum and teacher education (CTED) + endorsements for Oregon licensure is for Oregon licensed teachers seeking to deepen their scholarship while adding new areas of specialization.

Students in this degree program are required to complete 56 credits for the degree. This includes six courses from a menu of core courses:

  • Foundations of Education — 3 courses
  • Teacher Professionalism — 2 courses
  • Research Methods — 1 course

Additionally, students can embed the requirements of their endorsement into these.

Available endorsements:

  • English as a Second Language (ESOL)
  • Elementary – multiple subjects
  • Single-subjects
    • English language arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science education
    • Social sciences
    • World languages

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MS Requirements — Total Credits: 56

Required Courses — Total Credits: 24

Endorsement course work can be embedded into the program of study through both the specialization courses and electives.

Foundation of Education Courses (choose 3)

EDST 452/552 Equal Opportunity: Poverty3–4
EDST 454/554 Equal Opportunity: Patriarchy3–4
EDST 455/555 Equal Opportunity: Homophobia3–4
EDST 456/556 Equal Opportunity: Colonization and Genocide3–4
EDST 457/557 Equal Opportunity: Diaspora and Immigration3–4
EDST 410/510 Equal Opportunity: Ecojustice Education3–4
EDST 612 Foundations of Teaching and Learning4
EDST 614 Cultural Context of Education4
EDST 615 Technology and Education4
EDST 616 Language, Power, and Education4
EDST 610 Curriculum Reform for a Sustainable Future4
EDLD 630 Comparative Education4

Teacher Professionalism (Choose 2)

Use EDST 611 + one more

EDST 611 The Scholarship of Teaching (summer Only)4
EDST 610 Curriculum Reform for a Sustainable Future (summer Only)4
EDLD 683 State and Local Policy Development4
EDLD 630 Comparative Education4
EDST 612–616 may substitute for one of these4

Research Methods (1 Course)

EDUC 611 Survey of Educational Research Methods4

Specialization Courses — Total Credits: 16

Students must complete 4–5 courses in an approved area of specialization. Courses used to count toward the core course requirements may not count toward this requirement.

Electives — Total Credits: 16

Students must complete 4–5 courses including EDST 610 Indigenous Methodology.

EDST 610 Indigenous Methodology4