Elementary - Multiple Subjects Endorsement

The elementary endorsement program provides Oregon-licensed teachers with a combination of theory and practice for effective instruction in elementary classrooms.

Successful completion of the program allows licensed teachers to qualify for an endorsement in Elementary – Multiple Subjects.

The program for the elementary endorsement requires passing scores on the NES/ORELA Elementary Education I & II exam upon entrance to the program.

Applicants must demonstrated successful completion of prerequisite coursework prior to entering the program. 

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Elementary - Multiple Subjects Endorsement Coursework Requirements — Minimum Total Credits: 25


  • Oregon License 
  • Math Education: a year of 200 level sequential math or higher  
  • Movement: EDST 440 Physical Education for Diverse Learners (F/W/S) or similar approved course 

Course Requirements

EDST 628 Creating Supporting Learning Communities (Elementary) (winter term - 11 weeks) 3
EDST 640 Constructing Meaning Through Literacyg (fall term) 4
EDST 642 Pedagogical Methods in the Humanities (fall term) 4
EDST 643 Teaching Mathematics: Facts and Inquiry (fall term) 4
EDST 645 Teaching Science: Details and Discovery (winter term) 4
SPED 511 Foundations of Disability I (web based offered each term) 3

EDST 681 Elementary Part-Time Teaching 

Includes 90 hours, lesson planning, university supervisor observations, and FEET evaluation


Completion Requirements and Content Testing

  • Complete required courses and practicum work 
  • Passing NES/ORELA Elementary Education I and II 
  • Elementary work sample 
  • Complete an Oregon TSPC e-licensure application