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EDF Study Abroad Information


"All journeys have a secret destination of which the
traveler is unaware."
                                                           - Martin Buber


The Educational Foundations major challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. This challenge is presented in curriculum and field placements. The outcome of the Educational Foundations experience is perspective change. Participating in study abroad provides an opportunity to immerse in the cultural, linguistic, and social life of another country. Global Education Oregon provides options for study abroad directly related to the major. Some of the options include teaching.


The Educational Foundations major is organized by a specific sequence of classes. Typically these courses are offered once per year. The ideal time to study abroad is summer and/or fall of the senior year. Students can also study abroad as freshmen and sophomores. Many use the summer to participate in a study abroad experience. There are options – but planning ahead and meeting with Angel Dorantes is an essential component of a study abroad experience.

“The study abroad experience tested my perseverance, strengthened my ability to learn from others, and solidified my commitment to becoming an educator. It has also made me interested in international policy and learning about how education systems relate to each other. It gave me perspective that will shape how I teach including a deeper understanding of cultures and ways of living to provide a more inclusive classroom for all students”   - Ashley Mathews, Class of 2014, Nepal


Begin your adventure by visiting the Global Education Oregon website.  You can also attend drop-in hours or schedule an individual appointment (541-346-3207). When you have selected a program and term, fill out the Study Abroad Form, and schedule an advising appointment with Angel Dorantes.

“My experience in Thailand was eye opening and challenging. A study abroad experience should be required for all Educational Foundations majors. It is a paradigm shifting, life-changing experience that will change the way I teach.”  - Casey LaRocco, Class of 2014, Thailand

"As a Spanish major, the amount of Spanish I learned was incredible. My fluidity in speaking has improved tremendously.  As an Educational Foundations major, I can honestly say the amount I learned about myself as a future educator is unquantifiable.”  - Erika McCool, Class of 2014, Spain


All courses taken in approved UO study abroad programs receive UO credit. EdF students who complete coursework during study abroad will apply 4 credits to fulfill one of the required EO courses. For students who participate in a study abroad experience that is not associated with the UO, credit for one EO course can be earned by completing EDST 405. This independent study course is arranged with Dr. Alison Schmitke ( and is typically completed the term after the study abroad experience.