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Course waivers and transferred credits

Course waivers

Who approves the waiver?  - The instructor of the course (i.e., the person who the dept. has determined to deliver the content) is the one who decides whether a course can be waived or not.  Most programs also require the Program Director to approve the course waiver. For the PREV program, Program Director approval is also required for course waivers.

What criteria need to be met? - Besides the content (waivers are usually based on coursework and rarely based on previous experience or field work), the course needs to be taken within a 7 year window from the course being waived. i.e., if you are waiving a course in Fall 2017, you should have taken the previous course in Fall 2010 or later.

What is being waived? - In case of course waivers, only the content is being waived, not the credit hrs. Students still need to meet min credit requirements for the program (doctoral = 81; masters = 45) regardless of courses waived.  See more details about UO Grad School PhD and Masters requirements here - (PhD) and (Masters)

What are the steps involved? - 1) Student seeks approval for waiver from the course instructor by submitting the previous course syllabus and gets the "petition to waiver" form signed. 2) The Program Director approves it (for PREV). 3) The student provides the signed petition to waiver form, Program Director's written approval, and course syllabus to the SSC (student services coordinator) to include as documentation in their file.

Transferred Credits:

According to UO Grad School, students enrolled in a PhD program CANNOT transfer any credits towards the 81 cr. min.

Masters students can transfer up to 15 credits, provided the credits being transferred were not satisfying requirements for another awarded degree. Find more details here -

For transferring credits, the course needs to be taken 7 years from time of program completion/graduation. If the student takes longer to graduate, the transferred credits from courses taken prior to 7 years would no longer be valid.

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