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Course of Study & Testing

The Education Studies department accepts a limited number of current teachers into its program to add an endorsement in ESOL. To earn the endorsement, candidates must complete the following four courses and a practicum, totaling 18 credits. The only required sequence, is that the ESOL Methods coruse must be complete pior to the EDST 609 Practicum. Most courses are only taught once per year, so students will need to plan carefully.

ESOL Stand-Alone Endorsement Handbook and Program of Study:      

  • EDST 618 (3 credits) Methods ESOL: Teaching English Language Development, K-12 (Summer)
  • LT 629 (4 credits) Foundations in Language Theory (Summer)
  • EDST 616 (4 credits) Language, Power and Education (hybrid course, Summer)
  • Elementary: EDST 646 (4 credits) Methods ESOL: English Language Learners Pedagogy Elementary Classrm OR
  • Secondary: EDST 638 (4 credits) Methods ESOL: English Language Learners Pedagogy Humanities  (Fall)
  • EDST 609 (3 credits)  ESOL placement of 90 clock hours that include a 2-3 week work sample unit. It can be scheduled any term,  after completing at least 2 courses,  including the appropriate pedagogy class (methods courses).

The Bilingual Specialization verifies that a teacher is proficient in a second language, as assessed by an Oral Language Interview Test in the target language. (NOTE: The Bilingual Specialization cannot be earned without also completing the ESOL Endorsement program described above.)

Completion Testing
Testing is required to add the endorsement and should be taken near the completion of all coursework.  All ESOL endorsements require the ORELA/NES ESOL exam.