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Adding a Bilingual Specialization

A Bilingual specialization indicates that an educator has met the oral proficiency interview (OPI) assessment standards by a certified American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) OPI tester for a specific language. The Bilingual specialization does not authorize the holder to teach the language associated with the specialization. An educator must have the appropriate endorsement to teach a language. For example, a teacher must hold a teaching license with a World Language: Spanish endorsement to teach Spanish.

A specialization is an optional indication of specialized expertise or preparation in an area the Commission recognizes as “added value” on a license. A specialization indicates the educator has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skills and related abilities in that area. A specialization must meet standards set by the Commission. A specialization is not required to teach in the specialization area indicated on the license.

Oregon Educator License Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Submit an original copy of the Official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Certificate with Advanced Mid or Higher proficiency level in the target language. 
  2. Submit appropriate application and fees.

How to obtain an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in the target language, see Language Testing International,

The OPI results should be on ACTFL OPI scale; Novice (low, mid, high) Intermediate (low, mid, high), Advanced (low, mid, high), and Superior (low, mid, high) ratings.

For more information:

Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
TSPC (OAR 584-225-0050) Adding a Bilingual Specialization