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Michelle Jacob

Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education, Curriculum & Teaching, Curriculum and Teacher Education, Educational Foundations, IRES, Sapsikwala Program
Phone: 541-346-9572
Research Interests: Indigenous Methodologies, Spirituality, Health, Education, Indigenous Feminisms, and Decolonization


Michelle M. Jacob is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation and is Professor of Indigenous Studies and Director of the Sapsik’ʷałá (Teacher) Education Program in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Oregon. Michelle also serves as Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies, and Affiliated Faculty in the Environmental Studies Program. Michelle engages in scholarly and activist work that seeks to understand and work toward a holistic sense of health and well-being within Indigenous communities and among allies who wish to engage decolonization.

Michelle's first two books, Yakama Rising: Indigenous Cultural Revitalization, Activism, and Healing, and, Indian Pilgrims: Indigenous Journeys of Activism and Healing with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, were published by the University of Arizona Press. Dr. Jacob's third book, On Indian Ground: A Return to Indigenous Knowledge-Generating Hope, Leadership and Sovereignty through Education in the Northwest, was co-edited with Stephany RunningHawk Johnson, and published by Information Age Publishing. Michelle’s latest books, The Auntie Way: Stories Celebrating Kindness, Fierceness, and Creativity, and Huckleberries and Coyotes: Lessons from Our More than Human Relations, were published by Anahuy Mentoring. Michelle is a widely celebrated author and speaker engaging regional, national, and international audiences. She has numerous articles published in social science, education, and health science research journals, and has been awarded grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Spencer Foundation, and the National Science Foundation. Her research areas of interest include: Indigenous methodologies, spirituality, health, education, Indigenous feminisms, and decolonization. One of Michelle’s greatest joys is camping around the many beautiful places across the Columbia River basin.

Prior to joining the UO, Michelle served as Founding Director of the Center for Native Health & Culture at Heritage University on the Yakama Reservation, and as Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of San Diego.



Ph.D., 2004, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA.
Major:  Sociology (Emphasis in Human Development) 

M.A., 2001, California State University, San Marcos, CA.
Major: Sociological Practice

B.A., 1998, California State University, San Marcos, CA.
Major: Liberal Studies, Interdisciplinary Program