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Education Studies

Edward Olivos PhD, Department Head


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Department of Education Studies, College of Education
5277 University of Oregon

The licensure and degree programs offered by the Department of Education Studies prepare professionals to use the best of research-based practices to teach children and adult learners. Please see the links below for contact information for the individual programs in Education Studies. Contact information for all members of the department can be found in the EDST Faculty & Staff Directory.


The Educational Foundations major consists of a core of educational studies organized into four strands: 1) learning, teaching, and assessment; 2) curriculum theory 3) technology as education 4) equality of opportunity. The course of study completed during the junior and senior year leads to a bachelor's degree. This degree does not include or result in a teaching license. Students who wish to pursue a teaching license and master's degree may apply to a graduate program for a master's degree and teaching license at the UO or elsewhere in the state or country.

UOTeach is a graduate program that leads to a teaching license and a master’s of education degree in Curriculum and Teaching. The program offers two strands: Elementary Multiple Subjects (Grades K–5) and Middle/High Content Areas Specializations (Grades 6–12).

For those who already hold a teaching license, Curriculum and Teacher Education offers programs leading to: a Master's degree, an ESOL endorsement, a Reading endorsement, and/or other added endorsements and authorizations.

The PhD in Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education (CSSE) at the University of Oregon emphasizes the development of expertise in research on curriculum, instruction, and teacher education. The program promotes a broad conception of the objects of inquiry in scholarship on education. Students in this program are expected not just to ask how we can teach more effectively and efficiently, but also to ask what is worth teaching and to examine the assumptions underlying answers to both of those questions.

The Sapsik’ʷałá (Teacher) Education Project was created by the University of Oregon College of Education in partnership with the nine federally recognized tribes of the State of Oregon. The goal of the project is to prepare American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) as teachers whose knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivity will bring about long-term, much needed improvements in the elementary, middle and high school educational experiences of AI/AN youth.