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CTED M.S. Degree Overview

The master’s of science degree in Curriculum and Teacher Education is designed to cover the foundations of the field of educational scholarship, while simultaneously providing considerable flexibility for students to pursue studies in their individual areas of interest. The total program is 56 credits: 24 required credits, 16 credits in a specialization and 16 credits of electives, all planned individually with an advisor.

Required Credits

Students in this degree program are required to complete six courses from a menu of core courses. Three courses must be taken in the area of Foundations of Education. Two courses must be taken in the area of Teacher Professionalism.  One course must be taken in the area of Research Methods.


Additionally, students must complete four courses in an approved area of specialization.  (Courses used to count towards the core course requirements may not count towards this requirement.)  Specialization areas include, but are not limited to: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement, Reading endorsement, Added Subject endorsement, Sociological Foundations of Education, Cultural Foundations of Education, Teacher Inquiry, Educational Research Methods.


Finally, students must complete four additional courses chosen in collaboration with their advisor. These can be treated as electives, can be used to secure another specialization, or can be used to deepen the initial specialization.

The Master's degree does not include a thesis required.

Curriculum & Teacher Education (CTED) Program Handbook