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Welcome to Couples & Family Therapy’s web page that offers past, present, and future happenings relevant to our program.

Fall 2015 - The Center for Family Therapy clinic underwent a name change and became the Center for Healthy Relationships.

Winter 2014 - The Couples and Family Therapy program was officially approved as a stand-alone major instead of a specialization.

Winter 2013 - Students completing their degree in the CFT program earn a MS (Master's of Science) degree, a degree that is comparable to other similar programs, instead of a MEd (Master's of Education).

Spring 2012 - With great success, the CFT program offered its first undergraduate course, Healthy Relationships.

Fall 2011 - The Couples and Family Therapy program was featured in the Family Therapy magazine, in an article titled Embracing Flux.

Winter 2011 - Partnership for Nonviolence: Health, Nonviolence, and Trauma Healing. Organized by UO Couples and Family Therapy Program’s assistant professor, Jeff Todahl, community leaders in Eugene and Springfield met with child and family advocates and abuse survivors to tackle the important topic of domestic violence. The event is part of the 90by30 project that seeks to reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County by 90 percent by the year 2030.

Summer 2009 - Read about the new CFT Healthy Nests project, helping expecting and new parents.

Fall 2007 - UO Vice Provost approves official name change for the program. Our new name is the Couples and Family Therapy program.