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Student Profiles

2018 Cohort:

2017 Cohort:

2016 Cohort:

We call many places “home”: Sacramento, Iowa, Eugene, Kentucky, New York, Southern California, Central Washington, Seattle, Denver, San Diego.

We have travelled to: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Jamaica, Mexico, India, El Salvador, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bolivia, Thailand, Cambodia, Canada, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, Japan, Greece, England, The Bahamas, South Korea, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, The Dominican Republic, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic

We speak: English, Spanish, Korean, Italian, French

Our research interests are: executive functioning, impulsivity, decision-making and other risk factors for early onset of substance use and other risky behaviors, parent-child interactions and relationships, child maltreatment, risk factors for sexual and intimate partner violence, racism and microaggressions occurring in the workplace, critical consciousness, minority college retention, acculturation, resilience factors, collaborative methods (School, Family, Community) to address school and health disparities for underrepresented  adolescents, gender-based violence and immigrant asylum-seeking, sexual violence prevention, links between early life adversity and health throughout the lifecycle, adjudicated youth

Our hobbies are: hiking, camping, writing poetry, spending time with pets, soccer, reading, wearing rainboots, eating, adult coloring books, snowboarding, working out, watching football, yoga, dancing, playing racquetball, watching movies,  playing sports, riding motorcycles, running, knitting

What drew us to the program: combination of research and clinical practice (Scientist-Practitioner Model), the collaborative and ecological nature of the program, supportive faculty, commitment to social justice and multicultural competence, the amazing students and the culture of the program, multiculturalism, diversity, the emancipatory communitarian approach to psychology

2015 Cohort:


We call many places “home”: El Paso and Austin TX, Washington DC, Sacramento CA, Searcy Arkansas, Florence Italy, Coeur d'Alene ID, Costa Rica, Panama, the Bay Area CA, Denver Colorado, Portland OR, Decatur GA, Utah, Eugene OR, Spokane and Brewster WA.

We have travelled to: Canada, Uganda, Kenya, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Switzerland, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Panama, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Israel, Indonesia, Mexico, Malta, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, England, Ireland, Wales, Ecuador, Belize, Nicaragua, Sweden, and Chile.

We speak: English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Our research interests are: Effects of early family interactions on neurophysiological development, family systems theory, violence prevention, better serving Native populations, community engagement, early parent-child interactions, gender socialization and how these processes influence goal setting/career development in adolescents/emerging adults, trauma and trauma prevention in teen girls, resiliency, Latino mental health and stress in underserved populations, minority men and higher education, immigrant psychology, Latino psychology, multiculturalism, social justice, Dreamers and the Dreamer experience in the United States from adolescence through adulthood with a special interest on identity formation and social dynamics, child maltreatment, incorporating clinical interventions for children who have suffered trauma into school and community systems, and career assessment and intervention in Spanish speaking populations.

Our hobbies are: Yoga, hiking, arts & crafts, biking, trail running, playing with dogs and cats, guitar, piano, chess, basketball, tennis, cycling, films/documentaries, football, Poetry/ Slamming, Activism, Sports fanatic, fantasy football, high impact sports competitor (Rugby, MMA, Judo and wrestling), working out, coaching, Dancing, reading, excessive coffee drinking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and traveling.

What drew us to the program: focus on community interventions, emphasis on social justice and diversity, dual focus on clinical practice and research, collaborative efforts in research and practice, offering a versatile degree, offering a Spanish language specialization, and working with an encouraging community of scholars all drew us to the program here at UO.

2014 Cohort:

We are from Indiana, Colorado, Wisconsin, California, Vermont, and Arizona. 

We have traveled to Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Turkey, the Czech Republic, France, China, Thailand, Canada, Patagonia, the Bahamas, Israel, Samoa, and 43 US states.

We speak English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. 

Our professional interests include immigrant identities, prevention and intervention for youth and families, vocational work with under-served populations and athletes, interventions for at-risk adolescents, suicide prevention, and the implementation of mental health services in the school setting.

Our hobbies are camping, hiking, yoga, reading, writing, rapping, traveling, fishing, sports, biking, crossword puzzles, running, comics, video games, skiing, and music.

We were drawn to this program because of its emphasis on working within the community to create change, different practicum experience, collaborative and rigorous program, and to have the opportunity to work with such esteemed and warm faculty. 

2013 Cohort:

We are from New York, Moldova, California, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota.

We have traveled to Latin America, Europe, South East Asia, Ghana, Canada, Israel, England, Mexico, China, Morocco, and Peru. 

We speak English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, and Hebrew.

Our professional interests include working with children and families, college student development, career decision making, college student mental health, academic and career experiences of African American and Latino males, family counseling, community mental health, working with trauma survivors, positive parenting, teaching, working with adolescents at risk, and working with children and teens in foster care. 

Our hobbies are biking, traveling, playing with kids and animals, cooking, baking, dancing, playing drums, live music, laughing and making others laugh, spoken word poetry, spending time with friends and family, traveling, reading, hiking, woodwork, crafting, basketball, running, photography, and drinking coffee.

We were drawn to this program because of the collaborative and friendly atmosphere, the balance of research and practical/clinical training, its focus on multiculturalism and social justice, the supportive faculty, its good match rates, its consistent student funding, its commitment to the scientist-practitioner model, and the welcoming community of students. 

2012 Cohort:

We are from California, Washington, New Mexico, Thailand, Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Washington DC.

We have traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, Ecuador, Jamaica, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Holland, Greece, Czech Republic, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand, France, Guatemala, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Uruguay.

We speak English, Thai, and Spanish.

Our professional interests include veterans and minority mental/physical health, multiethnic identity, young adult career development, feminist multicultural approach to clinical work and supervision, clinical work related to trauma, eating disorders, anxiety, and identity exploration, community mental health, Latino higher education, teaching, ACT/mindfulness, researching cumulative risk and development, parenting interventions with immigrant families, exploring contextual supports and barriers, and Latino adolescents’ career development.

Our hobbies are football, cooking, eating, watching TV, rock climbing, backpacking, cats, running, camping, pets, running, dancing, yoga, zumba, hiking, traveling, reading fiction novels, swimming, camping, tennis, and glass art making.

We were drawn to this program because of the esteemed faculty, its emphasis on creating a collaborative student community, its focus on multiculturalism and diversity, its various clinical training, its various research opportunities, its consistent funding opportunities, and its emphasis on social justice.

2011 Cohort:

We are from California, New York, and Massachusetts.

We have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Greece, England, Morocco, and Indonesia.

We speak English, ASL, and Spanish.

Our professional interests include researching and working with trauma, sexual violence, college student mental health and development, eating disorders, sports psychology, intimate partner violence, gender role norms, and mindfulness.
Our hobbies are having fun, drinking coffee, judo, running, brewing beer, football, hiking, pets, and photography.

We were drawn to this program because of its friendly student community, the quality of the program, its focus on person/environment interactions and the ecological model, and the esteemed faculty.