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Student Funding

The Registrar provides a breakdown of the tuition and fees as a graduate student, both resident ($6780.00/term) and non-resident ($9147.00/term) [Graduate (Education) tab, Resident/Non-resident Masters/Doctoral Program - Supervision]. Students in the CPSY program register for 16 credit hours each fall, winter, and spring quarter.

Over the past 10 years, all but two of the students in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program who applied for a Graduate Employee appointment (GE) have been funded throughout their time in residence in the program. These positions include a variety of different activities, including teaching, research, counseling, or community/University service. Some of the GE appointments are linked to the Family and Human Services undergraduate program located in our own Department (Counseling Psychology and Human Services); other GE positions are "strategic alliances" and are guaranteed to be available to Counseling Psychology Doctoral students. Frequent GE positions of our students include:

  • Supervisor of FHS undergraduate students completing their practicum
  • Instructor or teaching assistant for FHS undergraduate courses
  • Instructor of CPSY undergraduate courses
  • University Counseling and Testing Center
  • Child and Family Center research positions
  • Accessible Education Center
  • The Career Center
  • Office of Academic Advising

In an era of decreasing resources in higher education you should know that while the program has been very successful in helping our students receive funding for every year of their training, past success is no guarantee of future success. The faculty are not the decision makers for most GE hires, and students must perform well to be considered for re-hiring. We work very hard to develop relationships with other programs and agencies across campus to develop GE positions and promote our students. The consistent high performance of our students helps ensure continued funding opportunities for the next cohort!

In addition to GE appointments, many students receive scholarships and grants (links below) to work on their research or supplement their graduate school education. Many scholarships are available on campus and our students are very competitive and successful at obtaining these scholarships. Students have also been successful at obtaining APA minority fellowships which support their graduate education, and at obtaining a variety of Federal supports for their research and education, including monies from NIH, NIMH, and the Department of Education. Please note that the links and dates below are subject to change without notice.

College of Education Support

COE Scholarships (Due January 19
COE Doctoral Research Awards (Due December 1 & March 9)
COE GEs (Graduate Employees) 
Current GEs awarded to CPSY students 

University Support

UO Financial Aid  
UO Scholarships  
UO Scholarship Search  
UO Graduate Funding Resources  
General University Scholarship Program    
Diversity Excellence Scholarship   
UO & Federal Work-Study Program    
Graduate Employee Appointments (GEs) 

LGBTQ Scholarships from LGBTESSP (Due March)
-  For community service, advocacy, and/ or research in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community: George Bean Memorial Scholarship, Arts and Advocacy in the Lesbian Community, RJ Hoyman Scholarship

Center for the Study of Women in Society (CSWS funding) (Due January)
-  To support research on issues related to women and gender including research that focuses on the recipient’s own community

Center on Diversity and Community (CoDaC) Graduate Summer Research Awards (Due April)
-  Three $1500 awards to support research projects on issues that intersect CoDaC’s mission of promoting research and best practices on issues of cultural diversity, equity, and access

American Psychological Association

APA Scholarships & Awards   
APAGS Scholarships   
Student Affiliates of 17 funding, grants & scholarships   

APAGS Disabilities Grant (Due December)
-  $1000 grant for a project that promotes training and educational experiences in practice or services for persons with disabilities, or the recruitment, retention, and training of individuals with disabilities

APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs Grant (Due December)
-  Two $1000 grants for projects that recruit, retain and/ or enhance the training of ethnic minority graduate psychology students. Examples include, but are not limited to: workshops, colloquia, conferences, lecture series, mentorship programs, etc.

Basic Psychological Science Research Grant (Due December)
-  Provides support for up to 4 students conducting psychological science research studies

APAGS Teaching Excellence in Psychological Science Award (Due December)
-  Two $500 awards to recognize students who use pedagogical strategies to promote science appreciation among undergraduate students

Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues (Division 44) (Due February)
-  The Malyon-Smith Scholarship Award $1000 for proposal on psychological issues of importance to gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender individuals
-  The Bisexual Foundation Scholarship Award for a proposal on the psychology of bisexuality

Other External Funding Sources

Oregon Student Assistance Commission  
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute  
Affordable Colleges Online: Hispanic Student's Guide to College Affordability
American Association of University Women  
Segal Americorps Education Award   
Students in Service Americorps  
FastWeb External Scholarship Search   
Oregon Career Information System  

American Psychological Foundation’s Annette Urso Rickel Dissertation Award for Public Policy (Due November)
-  $1000 award supports dissertation research in public policy, which has the potential to improve services for children and families facing psychosocial issues such as prevention of child abuse, school programs, services for youth in the criminal justice system, etc.

Commission for Counseling and Psychological Services Joan Dallum Graduate Research Award (Due November)
-  Certificate, plaque, and cash stipend to recognize and encourage high quality research projects that are applicable to the counseling and human development goals of ACPA and CCPS.  For example, research on needs assessment, treatment intervention, outcome and process studies, or preventative programs are appropriate submissions.

Association for Psychological Science Student Grant Competition (Due November)
-  Three $500 awards for research projects in initial development

Pearson's Touch the World Human Services Scholarship Contest (Due June)
-  $500 scholarship plus Pearson textbooks