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For Current Students

The following forms and handbooks are intended for currently admitted students.

Program Promotion Forms

Student File Checklist
SAP/Master's Project Approval Form
Master's Program Plan (MS) 
Change of Graduate Major/Classification Form (complete after finishing master's)  
IRB application procedure (Office for Protection of Human Subjects)
Advancement  to Candidacy   
Dissertation Committee   
Dissertation Proposal   
Deadlines for Degree Completion & Oral Defense   
Dissertation Oral Defense procedure   
Dissertation Style & Policy manual   
Dissertation Submission  
On-Leave Status Application  

Competency-based Portfolio Forms

Oral Ethics 
Specialty Area Paper (SAP)  
Diversity/Multicultural I   
Theoretical Orientation I   
Clinical Competency I  
Clinical Competency II   
Clinical Competency III
Scientific Aspects of Behavior   
Research Design/Statistics   
Teaching Competency
Revised National Counseling Psychology Competency Benchmarks

Internship Application Forms


Internship Application Summary of Hours

APAGS internship workbook - available for checkout from CPSY SSC

Tracking APPI hours:

  • Time2Track (can be used with smartphone) $36/year 
  • MyPsychTrack (can be integrated directly into internship aps & can send to supervisor) $35/year

Graduate School Info & Misc

Graduate School Forms (on leave, remove incomplete, etc)
Summer Tuition Waiver Form (Grad School)
Academic Calendars (Registrar's Office)  
Class Schedule   
Student Events Calendar  

Course Progression Information

Sample 5-Year Program Progression (entering with master's in counseling)
Sample 6-Year Program Progression (entering with bachelor's) 2011-12 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan
2012-13 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan
2013-14 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan  
2014-15 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan
2015-16 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan
2016-17 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan
2017-18 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan
2018-19 CPSY Doctoral Handbook / Program Plan