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Master's FAQ

How long does it take to fulfill requirements for the master’s program in CDS?

The CDS master’s program usually takes two years of full-time work, plus one summer.  Students take classes and work in the clinic the first five terms.  The last two terms are typically spent in full-time clinical placements (public school and medical setting).


Does the CDS master's program have a particular focus?

Students are prepared to work across the lifespan in different settings, including school and medical settings.  All students complete a full-time school placement and a full-time medical placement.  Students completing this master's program are prepared for their national certification (CCC-SLP) and state licensure.

The CDS master’s program also offers the option of training in the assessment, treatment, and management of pediatric populations who are learning Spanish and English through Project INICIO. Project INICIO will provide 1-year of funding for qualified master’s students who are interested in serving culturally- and linguistically-diverse young children with disabilities. Priority will be given to applicants who have a documented disability, speak a language in addition to English (particularly Spanish), are from a traditionally underrepresented population in the US, are a first-generation college student, or are a parent of a child with a disability. Please note that this funding is only available to US citizens given the federal requirements associated with this funding. If interested in being considered for Project INICIO, please follow the application instructions found on the CDS Master’s Application page.

What is the average class size?

The average class size of the CDS master’s program is about 30. 


How many master's students do you accept every year versus the number that apply?

On average the CDS program receives between 200 to 300 applications, accepting about 30. The Project INICIO program accepts 4-6 students.


What are the costs to enroll in the CDS program at the University of Oregon?

The following website provides tuition costs: (select the Graduate (Education, Masters Clinical Sciences) option)