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Alumni Awards

The College of Education Alumni Outreach Committee honors individuals who have made a positive impact on the field of education and human services through their work or advocacy. The committee encourages nominations from alumni, faculty, staff, and practitioners in the field.  

Currently our awards program is on hiatus and no awards will be made this year.

You may nominate alumni in one of five distinct categories.  Not all awards may be given each year depending on the number of nominations received.  

The Outstanding Alumni Award: Given in recognition of alumni for significant contributions in education and other fields that have had a national impact on educational policy, professional practice, community service, research or scholarship.

The National Public Service Award: Given in recognition of alumni who have engaged in public service, making a substantial difference for people, organizations, or governments through a single influential act or a series of steps that produced positive societal change at a national or international level.

The Distinguished Alumni Award: Given in recognition of alumni who have achieved significant professional, community service or personal accomplishments more than 10 years from their graduation date.

The Horizon Alumni Award: Given in recognition of alumni less than 10 years from their graduation date, who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in post-collegiate life and a significant or ongoing commitment to extraordinary work, research or volunteerism.

The Community Impact Award: Given in recognition of alumni who devote their time, talents and expertise to improve the quality of life and/or the educational climate in their local community.

These awards are given each year to one or more alumni whose contributions to educational research, professional practice, and/or community service are particularly noteworthy. We encourage nominations that recognize the contributions of early, middle, and advanced career alums. Award recipients will be invited to campus for an awards ceremony in the Fall. Nominees must have received at least one degree from the University of Oregon.

Please read the awards criteria and eligibility requirements below before making your nomination(s).

Required Documents
1)  The awards nomination form completed by the nominator (this is not merely submission of a candidate's curriculum vitae, resume or bio, but a separate form), completed either online or by paper and faxed or mailed.
2)  One letter of support from another person for consideration of your nominee.

Nominators and supporters should answer the following general questions in addition to the ones specified for each award category:
What is your relationship to the candidate, and how have you gained your knowledge of his/her accomplishments?
How has the individual maintained a connection with the University, its faculty or students, and other alumni?
Why is this an appropriate time to recognize this individual's achievements?

Optional Supporting Documents
You may also include your candidate's curriculum vitae or résumé (if available and appropriate), plus factual statements from as many sources as possible and any other information you feel will be relevant to the committee's decision.  Supporting documentation may be provided by email to; by fax to Lisa Fortin at 541-346-5736; or by mail to Lisa Fortin, College of Education, 1215 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403.

If you do not wish to use the online form, a printable paper nomination form is available here.  

These awards are given each year to one or more College of Education alumni whose actions support the college’s mission of 'Making Educational and Social Systems Work for All.'  Their accomplishments, whether in a professional, academic or volunteer setting, reflect credit upon themselves, the College of Education and the University of Oregon.

A candidate may be nominated for more than one award category, and the selection committee reserves the right to grant an award in a category for which the candidate has not been nominated.  Please note that the awardees are requested to attend the Alumni Awards Reception held during Homecoming weekend in the early Fall.

Click here to read about the 2016 award recipients.


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