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Student Funding

Explore Ways to Finance Your Education

A major in special education may qualify you for scholarships, awards, internships, or fellowships in addition to the aid available from university and external financial aid programs.

Training Grants and Research Opportunities

Graduate students are eligible for additional sources of competitive funding, including training grants or graduate employees related to faculty research. Applicants must apply for GTF positions and all accepted students are considered for funding on current grant projects when available.


Highly -qualified Interventionists with Transition-Evidence-based-Knowledge and Skills (HI-TEKS) 

The University of Oregon has just received a U.S. Department of Education grant (#H325K150204) to support tuition to prepare a limited number of students, who have an interest in teaching secondary (middle/high school) students with intensive support needs. This two-year licensure and endorsement program prepares pre-service or in-service teachers with a concentration in secondary transition to work with secondary students with intensive support needs. Graduates of the program will be prepared to apply for an initial special education teaching license and endorsement across multiple levels making this a highly flexible option.

To Apply:

•    First, apply to University of Oregon Special Education Program. Application available online at

•    Fill out and submit a HI-TEKS Application.

•    Contact Dr. Valerie L. Mazzotti ( for specific questions related to this funding opportunity

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