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Master's/Licensure Student Funding

Available Funding by Specialization Area

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native (Sapsikwala Project)
  • Secondary Special Education and Transition (Project HI-TEKS: Highly-Qualified Interventionists with Transition Evidence-Based Knowledge and Skills)
    The University of Oregon received a U.S. Department of Education grant (#H325K150204) to support tuition to prepare a limited number of students who have an interest in teaching secondary (middle/high school) students with intensive support needs.  This two-year licensure and endorsement program prepares pre-service or in-service teachers with a concentration in secondary transition to work with secondary students with intensive support needs.  Graduates of the program will be prepared to apply for an initial special education teaching license and endorsement across multiple levels making this a highly flexible option.
    1. Apply to the UO Special Education Program.  The application is available online at:
    2. Fill out and submit a HI-TEKS Application.
  • Interdisciplinary Interventionists and Clinicians Improving Outcomes (INICIO)
    • Interdisciplinary training for Communication Disorders & Sciences and Early Intervention master's students focused on supporting dual language learners (DLLs) from birth through age 5 with disabilities
    • Potential Support: Full year of tuition support (at in-state rate), a library of professional books related to bilingual development, and membership to DEC
    • For more information, contact Lillian Duran (

    Note: These are personnel preparation funds from the Federal government Office of Special Education Programs. Acceptance of these funds will require that you agree to meet a post-graduation service obligation commensurate with the amount of support you receive. 

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