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Master's/Licensure Student Funding

Available Funding by Specialization Area

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native (Sapsikwala Project)
  • Interdisciplinary Interventionists and Clinicians Improving Outcomes (INICIO)
    • Interdisciplinary training for Communication Disorders & Sciences and Early Intervention master's students focused on supporting dual language learners (DLLs) from birth through age 5 with disabilities
    • Potential Support: Full year of tuition support (at in-state rate), a library of professional books related to bilingual development, and membership to DEC
    • For more information, contact Lillian Duran (

    Note: These are personnel preparation funds from the Federal government Office of Special Education Programs. Acceptance of these funds will require that you agree to meet a post-graduation service obligation commensurate with the amount of support you receive. 

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